11 - Marry Me?

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Luca sat in his childhood lounge room with the rest of the men of his family

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Luca sat in his childhood lounge room with the rest of the men of his family. His dad, brother, uncles and cousins all crammed in to watch Thanksgiving day football. They were Italian and when their wives or mothers gave them an instruction they were expected to follow it. Luca tried to enter the kitchen to talk to Eddie and he was yelled and cursed at in Italian by his aunts before his mother dragged him by the ear to the lounge room.

He wants to make things right. He needs his roommate back even if it meant seeing her with another guy. Since he wasn't allowed to talk to her in person he took to texting her.


10.48am: I was thinking we should have dinner.

10.52am: We are about to... it is called Thanksgiving.

Luca smiled at her sarcasm.

10.54am: No when we get home. You, me, Kate and Parker.

10.56am: No.

10.57am: I'll be good I promise.

10.58am: No sex comments.

10.58am: And I won't tell him how you cry at the end of Marly and Me.

11.01am: So did you!!

11.02am: Please Ed.

11.03am: Ok but you are cooking!

Luca didn't get a chance to reply as a voice snapped him from his phone.
"Snacks gentlemen?" Eddie says entering the lounge room with two bowls of chips. She is greeted with a chorus of 'yes' and 'thank you' before her gaze meets Luca's.

Her lips tug up into a small smile and he mouths his reply to her, 'Deal' before blowing her a kiss. She turns away but he notices the blush on her cheeks as she returns to the kitchen.


Before dinner is served the women enter the lounge with wine glasses in hand toasting the festive season. This year the Morreti family are hosting some neighbouring families as well. The door bell rings and a smile drifts across Maria's face as she goes to the door. Mark comes up behind Eddie bending down to place his chin on her shoulder.

"Marry me?"

"What?" Eddie laughs.

"Please? Save me from my mother's matchmaking!"

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