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three —— bitch is blind

          AFTER Alison's funeral the five girls decided to go to Apple-Rose Grille before they all went home

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          AFTER Alison's funeral the five girls decided to go to Apple-Rose Grille before they all went home. Bella thought it felt both strange and comforting to be hanging out with the girls once again, but she felt happy about it nonetheless. There weren't that many people at The Grille as it was late. There were only a few servers and one older couple, though that didn't stop the girls from speaking in hushed tones.

          "Why was Jenna there?" Aria asked the girls, though none of them knew the answer.

          "I guess she's back." Spencer answered plainly as she held her cup between her hands.

          "Fun." Bella mumbled under her breath as she took a sip of her own drink.

          "That cop acted like we were suspects or something." Hanna said, talking about Detective Wilden.

          "Do you think we look guilty?" Emily asked the girls, from next to Bella.

          "Why would we? We haven't done anything wrong." Aria answered for the others.

          "You know, except lie about The Jenna Thing, but you other then that." Bella shrugged sarcastically and the small brunette.

          "We promised we'd never bring up The Jenna Thing again, remember?" Spencer said in a hushed tone.

          Though Bella was about to say she was joking she was stopped by Aria, "Have you found a way to forget? I still wake up sometimes in the middle of the night-" Though it was Bella who cut Aria that time.

          "It was an accident, Aria." She reminded the girls. A hush fell over the table as they all remembered what happened that night. Emily looked down at the friendship bracelet and nervously played with it, she she remembered what happened.

          Hanna put the last of the booze from her flask into her diet coke, though was spotted by the older mane behind them, "It's medicinal." Though he didn't seem convinced, "Cramps."

          "I don't get it. How does A know something about me that only Alison knew?" Emily asked, not paying attention to what happened with Hanna.

          "Ali knew all of our secrets, but we didn't know any of hers." Aria stated.

          "I knew some." Bella said quietly as she took a sip of her beverage, though she didn't say it as quietly as she thought she did, as all the girls snapped to look at her.

          "Go on." Aria tried to urge the girl.

          "Spill." Hanna demanded. Bella just looked down as traced the rim of her cup, not saying anything.

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