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I was woken up in the moring by my lovely sister asking to barrow a pair of shoes, to say I was mad is an understatement

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I was woken up in the moring by my lovely sister asking to barrow a pair of shoes, to say I was mad is an understatement. I walk over to my closet and stared at it until something popped out at me. I am wearing a black dress with a army green colored jacket over top of it and my black ankle boots. with one last look in the mirror I made my way down to the kitchen.

"Morning" I hear I guys voice say as hanna and I walked into the kitchen. the hell hes still here?

" wheres my mother?" hanna asked as I ignored him.

"she ran upstairs for something" he said still standing there in a towel. " trying to figure out what makes this stuff spreadable. what a waffle or something" he added like we cared.

"yeah I'm leaving" I said to hanna before walking away. I still haven't talked to Ashley I know I should but I just cant. after just driving, getting a coffee basically just claming down I decied to go to school.

" hey han" I said walking up tp her and mona. I never had a problem with Mona,she nice and all but I hate what she turned hanna into.

"uh I love this color. you should stalk up on a few" mona said trying to hand Hannah the lip gloss.

"well, I only have two hands. keep it" she replied back to which I gave her a confused look. she hates when people barrow her stuff now shes giving stuff away? somethings going on.

"why, is your mom asking to see receipts?" mona asked.

"that's who you shoplift with really Hannah?" I said getting mad I was going to continue until sean and noel headed our way. I just rolled my eyes and walked away. see me and Hannah used to be really close then are parents spit up and we kinda drifted away. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I wasn't paying attention to were I was going and bumped into someone.

"im sorry" the voice said in almost a whisper.

"no its my fault. I wasn't paying any attention to wear I was going. so sorry toby" I said with a little smile which he returned. tobys a great guy just with a hard past.

Hannah is getting questioned by that detective- Emily.

what does he want? is she still in there?" I asked worried/mad approaching the girls.

"we don't know" Emily said. I was going to respond until someone interrupted us.

"whats going on" hanna said now standing besides us.

"we've been trying to get ahold of you! what happended in there?" aria said what we were all thinking.

"nothing just the same old stupid question." Hannah said lying.

"you were in there for an hour Hannah what else did he ask you?" Spencer said not Believing her either.

"nothing. he just took a couple call and I just sat there waiting for him to shut up" hanna answered once aging lying.

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