Raising Life

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Kasey's POV

I sat on my bed, nothing to do. I turned my head to face my bedside drawer.

'One more time today wouldn't hurt.' I thought. i reached over to the drawer and opened it to see a knife and two lighters. I picked up the knife and brought it to my scarred arm.

Thinking someone would help me


Thinking life would get better


Thinking my parents would love me


Thinking I was cute 

*cut cut cut*

"For being stupid enough to love him." I mumbled and I sliced for the last time... Today at least. I looked down to see red liquid dripping from the knife and cuts. I cleaned up my mess and got in bed.

'My safe place' Was the last thing i heard as blackness slowly filled my vision.


3rd Person POV

"Kasey get your ass down here!" A voice edged.

Eyes slowly open to the voice.

'Great, time for more torture.' Kasey thought as she got up from her bed.

"Coming." She yelled back, stretching. 

Kasey got off her bed and headed to her dresser and pulled out a blue crop top with a black star and black jeans. After changing she grabbed her phone and book bag and headed downstairs.

"Why the hell did you wake up so late?" Her father yelled. He then slapped her, telling her to get her ass out of the house.

~School I Think~

"Hey dweeb." Mason. The boy she fell in love with. Also Jenna's boyfriend. 

"Mhm" Was all Kasey replied with.

"Oh, so your ignoring me today~? Do you really think that will work?" Mason persisted.

"Nope. But I will give it a shot." Kasey blurted out as she ran to her first class. Luckily, it was only a few lockers away from where she was.

Once she reached her class, she got to the back and sat in her usual seat. The bell soon rang after as the teacher walked into the classroom.

"Hello students. We will begin our lesson shortly after I help our new student catch up. For now, you can work on these work-sheets" He said, placing a stack of papers on a desk.

"Please come up in a line. AND NO PUSHING. Thank you."

Everyone got up except for Kasey. Once everyone got a sheet, Kasey got up and grabbed one. (BAM! STAY AWAY BULLIES. I GOT MEH PAPER.)

After 15 minutes, a blonde kid came in the room with the teacher.




Sorry, this was really bad. Just like my life.

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