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Geo's POV♡

"Ok. Kiss marry kill.... Y/n..."

Oh shoot.

"... maddie ziegler (left), and thailiian (right)."

"I would kill maddie

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"I would kill maddie... um... kiss... thailiian." -Geo

"And?...what about y/n?" -mario

"Um i... i would marry....y/n." - Geo

"Yes! I ship it! What should your ship name be?" - Mario

"Um I dont know." -Geo

"Hm... well i gotta go see you tomorrow? "-mario

"Yea sure, bye marihoe." - Geo

"Bye January." -Mario

"Its pronounced Juwany!" -geo

"Yea yea whatever bye."- Mario

"Bye!" -Geo

I was hungry so i went to go get something. I took my phone witg me because i was still live. I opened the door and walked down the stairs. I was talking to the camera when i bumped into someone.

I dropped my phone so i picked it up then i looked up and saw Y/n.

"Oh hey Y/n. What are you doing right now?" -Geo

"Grabbing something to eat but there was nothing, oh and sorry for bumping into you there." - Y/n

"Oh dont worry about it. Do you want to go get food?" -Geo

"Sure." -Y/n

I nod and i walk back upstairs i grab my keys and put my shoes on. I walk downstairs and sit on the couch waiting for Y/n.

She comes down with same everything except now she is wearing her hair in a ponytail. And i noticed that she wears glasses.

Gosh se looks so adorable with glasses.

"Really? Thank you Geo." -Y/n

"I said that outloud didn't I?" -Geo

"Yup, now enough talking im hungry lets go!"-  Y/n

~at In & Out~

We get inside and order something to eat. We sit down at a table waiting for our order. It was already getting dark. I did not realize how fast this day went by.

"Order number 17?"  Yelled the women at the counter.

I got up and got the food. There was an awkward silence as we ate. I decided to start a conversation.

"So, do you have plans tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes, i have to go to my cousin's sweet sixteen and i have to dance too so yeah." She said

"You dance?" I asked because i was curious.

"Well, i have been taking classes from my dance coach, Matt Steffanina. He has his youtube channel and all of the dances he choreagraphed are on there." She said

"Are you good at it?" I asked

"Yeah i guess so. I dont know. You tell me after watching one." She said

We began eating a little bit more.

"So do you have any more hobbies? Or just tell me the stuff that you really like doing." I asked

"Im glad you asked!" She smiled

She's so cute.

"There is alot so just know that. I absolutley looooove soccer, I love listening to music 24/7, I like to dance, and there are more but you will know them once you know more about me." She said.

♡Y/n's POV♡

We got in the car and started to drive back home.

"Can you drop me off at my place? Please." I asked

"Yeah sure." He said.


We got to my house and we both got out the car.

"Thanks for the food Geo. I'll pay you back." I said

"No, its fine." He smiled.

"Well, we will keep in touch okay?" I said

"Of course." He gave me a hug and it was one of the best hugs i have had. He felt warm amd smelled so good. Lol

"Bye Juwany." I said

"Bye Y/n." He waved and got in his car.


Hey guys. Im sorry for not updating in such a long time. I will keep working on this book and yeah. ❤ Btw the next chapter is kind of interesting.

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