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"Miss Miller, are you paying attention?" Kasey snapped out of her daze as everyone is her class was staring at her.

"Uhm, y-yes." Kasey replied uneasy.

"Good, then you would have no problem telling me what 2x+8-9 is, would you?"

"uhhh-" before Kasey finished, the bell rung.

"Class dismissed. We will finish this tomorrow." The teacher rambled. Kasey got up and grabbed her book bag and 'booked' it out of there (see what I did thee ;3). As Kasey made it out of the room and to her locker a SPECIAL surprise awaits for her.

"Hey rich-pig, got any plans today?" Snorted Jenna as Mia and Jasmine laughed behind her.

"N-not yet." Kasey whispered.

"Welp, you do now!" Jenna said before she hit Kasey's shoulder-blade. Then Jasmine and Mia preceded to kick her in her stomach, head, and legs. After about 20 minutes, Jenna finally got bored of Kasey's whiny cries and walked away, snickering with her 'friends'.

==========Time skip brought by boredom==========

Kasey finally reached her 'house' (more like mansion!) after school let out 50 minutes ago.

"Where have you been?" Kasey's dad questioned as soon as Kasey walked through the door, completely oblivious of the new bruises and cuts.

"Good to see you too" Kasey mumbled.

"*sigh* go up to your room- I'm having my boss over so you BETTER behave." Kasey's father said, making Kasey's fear levels rise up.

"Yeah, y-yeah okay."

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