Trying to regan trust

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Sasuke was getting used to putting the cooked fish down infront of Naruto who would pop his head out of the beg and grab it before retreating to his new comfert zone.

As for sasukie menma was slightly weak and was hand feed by sasukie who didnt mind one bit cause he was willing to start over with his mate.

Naruto's POV

I dont know if I can fully trust this guy but he did let me camp in his book bag and he fed me daily though since i wouldnt take it from his hand he just placed it in front of his bag that I took full custody for and his clothes cause they were comfy to lay on.

I looked outside to see that the sun was setting and started shakingfrom the thought of being in the dark again.

I think he noticed this cause he started up a fire as a nightlight for me though I still dont know his intentions.

Menma's POV

This guy has been hand feeding me for a while now though I still didnt let him touch me nore did I touch the ground so he used his jacket as a bed for me to lay on as I crowled over to it and curled up a bit on it.

I looked over a naruto who didnt want to leave the bag yet I can tell because he would only pop his head out for a short while before going back into the bad "here you go" the man says as he opened his book to reveal a comfy little bed for me so I got up and hurriedly ran inside the bag since it was getting cold outside.

I curled up and instently went to sleep.

Sasukie's POV

I wanted a menma went into my bag and curl up to get comfy as I made I small smile I want to hug him like I used to do before we broke up I was craving for his touch agian to touch his spiky but suprisingly soft him.

I want my Menma back.

I miss his sometimes sassy attitued, his small pouts when he couldnt get what he wanted from me, his soft smalls, the way he cuddles up to me to keep warm, I miss everything about my little raven fox.

Sasuke's POV

I remebered Naruto's fear of the dark so I had started a fire for him so he wouldnt be so scared at night time.

I love naruto with all my heart and would do anything for him even with my own life if I have to.

I'm so sick of people either hurting Naru or taking him away from me so maybe I should stop being so freaking friendly so now I'm done playing the nice guy.

I leaned against a tree thinking deeply about my plan for if someone try's anything stupid until a small sound snapped me out of my concentration as I looked around for a but then looked at my bag to see Naruto looking up at me, I made a small smile but kept my distance just incase he was still scared of me  "Is there something you need" I asked softly as he let out a small bark.

I really wanted to pick Naruto up but I held myself back as much as I could so I wouldn't scare the heck out of the guy.

Soon he started to slowly crawl out of the bed but not all the way he didn't want to touch the ground just yet nor was he looking at me he seemed to be waiting for an opportunity so I just watched him, closely kept my distance after a while he looked up and let out a small bark which was so cute I just wanted to hold him even for a few seconds at best but I'm hiding that side of me.

I decided to look away until my twin caught my attention "hey Sasuke do you hear something" Sasukie says as I nodded "Sasuke-kun" someone yelled from a far and that's when I knew exactly who it was.

I started to hid my ears and tail and Sasukie did the same than we picked up our bags with the kitsune's inside than I put out the fire only to hear a loud whimper coming from my bag.

"it's ok I'm taking us to a much safer place to rest alright" I said calmly but the whimpering didn't stop so I stopped for a bit and turned on a flashlight than put it in my bag for Naruto to see as he stopped and calmed down.

I started running again even more determined to not get caught by two people who might ask a million questions on were these two were and where we went and so on and I not going threw that.

Third person POV

Sasuke and Sasukie were running to a much better area to be at as to not be found .

They soon turned into wolves and luckily for them there clothes still fit them surprisingly but they decided to discarded there cloths and put them inside there book bags that they now carried in there mouths as they found a nice cave to be in.

The cave seemed just right with nothing after to get them just perfect.

Sasuke put his bag down as it started moving and shifting around until a little fox kit popped his head out of the bag but was instantly terrified when he saw the wolf until he calmed down surprisingly once Sasuke turned back to normal.

Sasuke laid by his bag in wolf form and in a protective way while Naruto stayed in the book bag curled up in a ball but slightly leaned into Sasuke for warmth (the bookbag is separating them from actual touch).

For Sasukie he was slightly curled up in a ball with his bag very close to him as Menma had his head poking out as he slept not wanting to over heat.

The night was long but the trip of trust was probably gonna be longer or maybe rather quick.


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