"I could have taken that way out of context pal... So you're doing Y/N are you, well well well..." Jack wiggles his eyebrows mockingly.


"Sorry kiddo, I shouldn't joke about her..."

Rhys continued to look through the files. Jack remained silent, Before using his echo eye.

"Rhysie check that one." He pointed to a file named C: Footage27/4/2958Cafeteria_LeftCamera

Jack then walked out leaving Rhys to look at the archive. He noticed the file itself could print as a chip itself, he loaded a neat chip into the drive and quickly copied the files over. One being named


He closed the computer down and grabbed the chip walking out the room.


"Please Y/N... Just work."

He planted the chip into the slot and was knocked backward. He scratched his head and shook it. A blue hologram looked out of his window. It wore a Hyperion jacket. It had H/L, H/C hair which remained still as a desk fan blew onto it. The hologram hadn't noticed him yet. However, he knew it was her. The girl he wanted to see once more. However, her being a hologram. Often meant that the real person was dead. He stood up from the floor and began to approach her. Her figure turned round abruptly and instantly stepped back upon seeing him she glanced at her hands and arms.

"Rhys?!" She smiled. "Rhys!" She dashed towards him, wrapping her arms around him only to find herself fly through him. Her eyes widened as she turned back to him.

"It's true then... I am dead..." She sobbed quietly.

"Y/N it doesn't mean you are."

"It does because I remember it, I remember being taken down to that goddamn planet. I remember the gun..."

"What Y/N?"

"Um ... The ... The gun was pointed at me."

"By who?"

"I, I can't remember, I just know it was a vault hunter... And something about Jack?"

"I heard my name!" A voice called from down the hall, Jack soon emerged and meant against the door way smirking looking at Y/Ns figure up and down.

"Damn you're looking good cupcake..."

She glared at him, Placing a hand on her hip.

"Necrophiliac freak..."

"Excuse me ... Cupcake..." He chuckled, apparently missing the point.

"... I'm fucking dead you piece of shit..."

He paused for a moment, speechless.

"Y/N we don't know that..." Rhys began.

"... I'd be able to find myself."

"... Unless... The Chip was planted in your head to forget everything but what happens next..." Jack muttered.

"That's a possibility." Rhys began.

Seeing a ray of hope you smiled and nodded.

You sighed as you walked along the many sandy dunes. The sun was beating down on the three of you. That ray of hope had diminished slightly. You'd been searching days. You yawned and looked around. Before looking at your blue figure. You sighed and gazed at the horizon. You noticed a Catch-A-Ride and walked towards it.

"Rhys?" You guided him to the computer, which he hacked into, You climbed in the back of the car.

"Head West..."

The car sped off, you glanced at Jack and sighed.

"Like what you see Kitten?" He purred.

You shuddered and glared at him. "Shut up... If anything I hate you..."

He winked.

You caught a glimpse of a body; your eyes widened as you felt your head throb. You cried out and fell, disappearing from Jacks and Rhys's sight.

You opened your eyes, the same throbbing pain coming from your head as you began to move slightly. You sat up and noticed Rhys and Jack running to you. You tilted your head slightly as you stood up, dusting yourself off, as you looked down you saw the color in your jeans. Your eyes widened as you patted them down.

"I'm not dead..."

You looked up and saw Rhys's arms open, he ran to you, embracing you tightly. You smiled and looked into his eyes, a thick pink tint smothering over your cheeks. You looked at his lips then back at his face. You smiled and gently pulled him towards you, kissing his lips gently. He kissed back and smirked slightly, looping his hands around your waist. You pulled away and looked at a piece of paper on the ground. The words 'Missing' imprinted on them. You looked at the picture of you and picked it up. You smiled and tore it in two, watching as the two pieces flew into the air.

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