|Rhys| "Dead?"

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--- Doesn't follow storyline —-

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--- Doesn't follow storyline —-

He missed her. He lost her smile, her giggle, her eyes. She was gone; some say kidnapped others say she ran away. He told her he'd always look after her. Always. Her face hung in his mind, and the walls of Hyperion. Her pearly white smile ironed on a simple poster. The word 'Missing' printed in the major black letters.

----- Weeks before -----

Y/N's H/C hair swayed side to side as she walked, a group of files in her hand. A smile on her porcelain face, a skip in her step. Her slim figure walked smoothly across the corridor towards Handsome Jacks office.

She was his secretary, meaning she was important to him, she worked overtime, most nights. Resulting in just a couple of hours a night, yet she still smiled, she remained content and happy. She was the definition of happiness itself.

Everyone liked her. Which is why someone took her.

As she walked towards the office, her footsteps echoed along the long quiet corridor. She hummed 'Easy street' to herself as she walked (Hush, I can't help that I'm obsessed with this song and The Walking Dead, which is where I first heard it. The song represents her character anyway. Heh... Listen to it. :P) A hand grabbed her wrist, causing her to drop the files that she had hold of, a small yelp escaped from her mouth, before another hand covered it. Her eyes widened as she began to squirm. The hand was raised, she looked up and saw it be brought down on her head, before dots invaded her vision, turning it into a blur. Her body slowly fell into the attacker's arms, who quickly fled Hyperion. No one's seen her since.


Rhys' arms dropped by his side, he walked into the room, looking towards the computers, locating the file. Y/N. Here sat the CCTV data just before she went missing. His echo eye activated, hacking into the system. He sighed, getting past the security once more and for what, more information he didn't need because he already had it? Not really, he wanted to find the girl, but he wanted to see her, even if it was just through a screen. He missed her the most. He loved her, not just a small little crush. More like every time she walked past or caught eyes with his, his whole world crashed down around him, in a right way. Rhys never really showed much love to anyone. Including Y/N, he never got to tell her how much he loved her. Which is what hurt him the most and spurred him to carry on.

His fingers tapped on the keyboard.

"Ahhh Rhysie." A voice hollered.

His form jumped as the voice sounded through his ears, she peeked over his shoulder noticing Jack walking towards him.

"Whatcha doing kiddo?"

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