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Blink with Caution

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Now I'm warning you Blink with Caution, for the sight of things to difficult, wonderful, magical, are passing you by. And you don't know it. My story is for when you blink, time passes, things come out stare at you, protect you make tears fall not with pain but with healing. They make smiles appear in your eyes in a time of joy. They watch you blink the eyes under your eye lids. These things you see arn't "things" but visions of image. taking what you dont see and bringing it forth, but only to the unique eyes of you, no one else but you, but you cant see them. The peopl- THINGS that come out to protect you, your eyes, you body, your crying smiling soul. Everything in life is connected the point is to understand it. But these things aren't connected they are just trying to keep connections connected. The beautiful essence of there presence is magical, like graceful ghosts, but do not fear they aren't here to harm. But to carry love, forgiveness, and life from person to person. They will not come for closed eyes yet the spilt second they come comfort and go. They will make everything new, beautiful, painful, disgusting hurt full, harmful ...better than before...  Some people like scientist and researchers don't like this visible world, so they try to hide is look at things not visible and is you ask one, the people that look at the smallest of the living molecules, ask them have they blinked and felt it, too the feeling in your eyes of beautiful, harmful, painful sights, they will answer yes. Too much will not help but hurt for you will miss the visible world the beauty, painful, disgusting, hurt full, harm full, visible world.

Some people think they are alone, like part of them is dead inside, no one can help them. The same thing wandering down a road, no one to help them, just trying to get back to the people they love the place where they are cared for. The real truth is... no one can understand exactly how you feel or deal with the problems you encounter, the places you have been the things you have felt. But there is people that don't want to understand but for you to understand how they feel knowing that the care, that they want to do something but they just dont understand the things you experience its a hard and not a good thing to be told as you might be sitting there reading this, knowing and thinking of a person that cares and realizing that the can't really feel what you feel or think. All you know is that they care, they want to do something but they can't...they don't know what so when you blink...with caution of course... something will happen you might now realize it but the things have come down washed you shelf and brought you to understanding you haven't found yet. So, Blink to feel understanding all you have to do if fix the dead part of your soul, get up, and look to understand the way to fix the dead part of you so it will not happen once more

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