Chapter Twelve

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                                                                         Change of POV

I had to admit that I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. Some I would admit to, some I wouldn’t. Reflecting back on my past actions, they were quite idiotic sometimes and others were quite serious.

Maybe this was one of those quite serious yet idiotic at the same time ones.

Because what I had done to Foalan this evening was me not thinking at all.

I remembered it too.

I was blinded by my own rage from a heated argument with my father, still pissed with him with the earlier conversations in the past and so much more. It just built its way up to a snapping point. I was so enraged that I just couldn’t control it anymore.

I was out of hand and I needed to lash out at someone. I had the need to.

So, when I saw Foalan there, more likely listening to the whole god damn conversation in there made me snap. I didn’t like being overheard and who knows what Mammon might of done to him when he left and if he was there that whole conversation.

I suddenly thought of all the things he had done wrong in my mind. I even listed them mentally in one shot like: how he left my room, how he got kissed by Vetis, how he wasn’t where he was suppose to be, Right now he smells like my sister which pissed me off to know he was near her, him listening onto my conversation with my father and lastly, thought he could get away with all these wrongs in my head.

I knew I was being unjust but I didn’t care at that point. I had growled at him, I snarled at him, I even snapped at him while I dragged him towards the torture rooms. I didn’t even pay attention what I all told him on the way either. All I knew I was being rough with him and taking him to get punished.

Don’t ask me what everything looked like for environment wise because my damn memory was very fuzzy on that through my red haze. All I have to tell anyone out there that it was dark, cold dungeon like with a table with torture devices. That was all anyone needs to know too.

But I remembered everything that I did to him though. Every single detail as if it was scarred into my memory then carved harshly into my brain.

I had specifically picked a whip so he would feel the welts forming onto his skin but within a push of a button, that whip would pop up small like thorns that were meant to tore at the skin.

It was my favorite thing to use to punish others admittedly.

I used to admire it even. Its black leather handle then at the ends were five feet worth of a long, cold chain that looked like a long leather. It was deceiving looking indeed as within a push of the button on the handle, it will turn that whip end into little thorns like teeth from a shark but much sharper to easily cut things open. I like to also compare them to broken glass because it makes the blood flow so much more quicker than normal metal.

It’s the very same whip that I used upon Foalan this evening or night. I used enchanted chains around his wrists from the ceiling so he was forced to stand there and show me his back. I took an extra precaution and chained his ankles as well.

I didn’t even think as I dug my nails into his shirt and jerked it back, making it tear loudly until its off him completely. I dropped the shirt, letting it fall to the ground as a useless rag.

I stared at his back to notice a lot of things. I notice how small he was physically as well since he was nearly a skeleton that barely has any more meat on his bones. It was a shock that he had any forms of muscles. It was a long back despite being so short. But he had some scars from many years ago and what looks like a couple months ago.

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