Only Time Will Tell

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"John, I hear something, a shrill note. Do you hear it?"

"Yes, it's as annoying as hell."

"It doesn't belong in our keys. John someone's attempting to reach us. I'm going after it."

"No, Strange, wait for me. Strange?" John floated in his minor key. I'm lost without my major. Strange, where are you?" He felt himself becoming absorbed in the music— a soft mournful tune.

"John, it's Strange, come follow me."

"Of course, it's you, who else would it be?" he snapped. "I'm sorry, Strange. I trust you, lead us out of this place."


Brownie barked, while a cacophony of sound filled the room. Wong and the other sorcerers dropped to the ground covering their ears. John could feel himself materializing, but Strange struggled to regain his human shape and a fury rose in him. Strange, is mine. Back off. He summoned up his healing powers and fought the illness within Strange. "He's mine," he screamed, then all went black.

When he opened his eyes Strange lie beside him. "Strange," he whispered, then crawled over to him. "Strange, open your eyes."

"John?" Strange asked.

"Yes, I'm here, Strange." Then he took Strange in his arms, holding him close, basking in his human scent. When he finally looked around him, he froze. Wong and a room full of sorcerers stared back at him. When Wong came towards him, he growled. "Get back. I'm his protector. He's my major. I'm his minor."

"John, it's okay, we're safe now."

He looked down at Strange and his heart skipped a beat. "Strange, you're eyes, they're not red anymore."

Strange smiled back at him. "No, you saved me."

He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when Brownie jumped on him, barking and wiggling his tail. "Hey, old boy, it's good to see you." Everyone started talking at once, but he ignored them, holding Strange's gaze with his own. God, I'm on fire. His eyes burn with lust, lust for me. Time to make the good Doctor Strange, sweat and burn. His groin began to thump out a familiar savage rhythm and his nipples pebbled in hard nubs when Strange held out his hand. Fuck, this man's going to kill me. I can't breathe. God, help me I'm going to burst in front of everyone. His hand shook when Strange helped him up and it still rested in Strange's when another sorcerer burst into the room.

"Mordo, has attacked the London Sanctum."

Strange stepped forward, then looked back at him. "We have to go now."

"Wait, you should be checked out first."

Strange moved closer and whispered into his ear. "I thought that's what you were doing, Doctor."

His face colored, then he whispered back. "I'm going to get you for that."

Strange then looked at him with a mixture of desire and anxiety. "When we've defeated Mordo, I'm all yours."

"Oh, god yes, let's take the bastard down." He shouted, then his face colored when everyone stared back at him. "Okay, right then, sling rings out."

Shields, and forged magical weapons lit up the room around them. Strange grimaced resisting the urge to kneel and attend the fallen. The cape of levitation swirled around him in a tornado of red silk, and John stood with him, while they fought back to back against Mordo's summoned army. He reveled when, more of Mordo's soldiers vanished. "Time to face off, Mordo, you've lost. Stop this quest and come back to us."

"Never," Mordo screamed.



"Then I shall have to take you down. I will take no pleasure in it. Please Mordo, I forgive you, now stop this."

Sweat stood out on Mordo's brow, then he smiled. "Strange, you think you have won, but trust me you are going to lose more than you can take."

Strange frowned when Mordo's hands rose—a funeral pyre for anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way. Then his eyes widened in horror when John stepped in front of him. "John, no I can take him."

John slumped in his arms and Mordo laughed. "Strange, you are so gullible. Rest assured I have not killed John Watson, that would be too easy. I've infected him with a scrying device. He won't die, but you both will suffer. You see Strange, I have balanced out nature once more. If you or John go near each other I will be able to destroy you both. Oh, but that's not all. You are both bonded to each other and time. Do you know what that means, Strange?"

Strange's eyes misted and when he answered his tongue felt thick."Yes, it means that not only will you be able to kill John and I but you will also be able to stop time."

"Oh, Strange you think you are so clever. There will be no bargaining with Dormammu this time and if you suppose that you will be able to read about this spell, you won't. It is a creation of my own and should you happen to kill me, then the spell will automatically come to fruition. However, I'm not heartless. You have approximately two minutes to verify the power nodules and say farewell to John. Goodbye, Strange, for now."

Strange looked down at John, then motioned for Wong to come forward. "Wong, help me check John to verify what Mordo said is true." They ran their hands over John's body, then Wong looked up at him and shook his head. Strange put his hands on either side of his head and wailed. "No, it can't be, John."

John looked up at him confused. "Strange, what happened?"

Strange smoothed John's hair away from his eyes. "John, oh god, I can't do this. I must say good-bye. I'm not going to be able to explain. There's no time. John, please know this, I love you and I always will." Then heedless of Wong and the others, he took John in his arms and kissed him. Warmth filled his mouth, when John's tongue met his. Passion lit up all his chakra points, until he wanted to weep with the need to fulfill his desires. Mordo, is right this is sheer agony. He then pressed, one hand to his heart, and the other to his pelvis, then looked once more at John's confused face, before he took out his sling ring and disappeared.


John stared after Strange in shock. What just happened?

Wong took his arm. "Come on, John, sit down and I'll explain."

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