16 - Horrible Fathers and Kind Souls

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"Was she the one you were texting earlier?" She wasn't one to pry into her daughter's personal life but she didn't want to watch her daughter retreat back into her cave again.

"Oh... uh no, that was Austin. He was just telling me he had service again." Her expression changed completely from what it was ten seconds ago and of course her mom noticed no matter how hard the brunette tried to mask it.

"I see." Sinuhe smiled and nodded her head, deciding not to press further.

The pair sat in the living room with some of Lauren's mellower mixes playing in the background. The brunette went on and on about how brilliant the brunette was that her mother insisted they listened to some of her music. Camila continued to gush about all the cute things the small brunette would do and how ambitious she is, completely unaware of the beaming smile plastered on her face. Her mother said nothing of it though, she was thoroughly pleased that this Lauren girl could make her daughter so happy. She's never seen her daughter talk about anyone with such enthusiasm and wanted to know more about this mysterious Lauren.

Camila texted Lauren to tell her about the music and the brunette freaked out begging her not to play ones that would make her look like a major perv or anything. Making the brunette giggle, knowing very well which mixes she was talking about. She's teased the brunette about a couple of them before and after relentless prodding and teasing the brunette finally admitted that she was... frustrated when she made them. Sinuhe saw the big smile once again spread across her daughter's face as she texted the other girl and couldn't help but wonder if there was more going on between the two than just friendship.

After some time talking about Lauren, they moved onto the Bella's and graduation. The brunette eventually became distracted, her thoughts overpowering her concentration for their currents conversation and couldn't take it any longer.


"Yes, dear?"

"I, uh... I need to ask you something."

The older woman cocked her head to the side but nodded for her daughter to continue.

"I... I want, I want to know... why, why you stayed with dad for so long?"

The question shocked Sinuhe. It wasn't something she thought the brunette would ask. "What do you mean?"

Camila took a deep breath and sighed. "I mean... why did you stay with him for so many years even though he was cheating on you?"

The older woman frowned. "Camila, what brought this on?" The brunette ran her hand through her hair. "I don't know, I just... I just want to know why." She studied her daughter for a moment before replying. The brunette was playing with her hands nervously and wouldn't look her in the eye. Something she only did when talking about her father. Sinuhe knew he did something to her little girl, but the brunette never gave her any clues to what it could be. This was ultimate decision that led her to divorce her husband. Cheating on her was one thing, she stayed with him because of Camila and the fact that she was stupidly in love with the man that stole her heart all those years ago. But once she suspected he was doing something to his daughter was the line in the sand for the woman.

"I loved him and I wanted to try to work it out for your sake."

"Then why did you leave him when I was just starting high school?"

Sinuhe didn't want to tell her daughter what drove her decision for a divorce but knew she would have to shed some light sooner or later. "Camila... Camila look at me." The brunette looked up at her mother with glossy eyes. She was trying to hard to keep her composure but the memories flooding back and the thoughts she already has dancing around her brain are becoming too much for her. "His actions started to make both of our lives spiral downwards and I wasn't going to let him pull you under more than he already had. I was foolish to stay with him for so long because of that, but, but I loved him, I loved him so much and it blinded me. At times I wondered if I really did love him towards the end or if I was just hanging onto something that was already dead."

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