16 - Horrible Fathers and Kind Souls

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This is heavy one.

Camila made the four hour drive home more excited to see her mother than ever before. She blasted mixes during the drive that Lauren secretly loaded onto her iPod.

The brunette was staying on campus because her mother was away on business and the rest of her friends were spending time with their significant others. Except Lilly, she said something along the lines of a big bust and stalked off towards a black Lincoln Town car without another word. Which now seemed pretty odd...

She was thinking that she'd get roped into spending an insane amount of time with her dad, but Dr. Jauregui also left town for a conference. The brunette wasn't too broken up about it when she told Camila, resorting to the fact that she'd be spending all of her time at the station or mixing.

The brunette grabbed her bags out of her car and headed inside. She heard her mom bustling around the kitchen and stopped in the entryway to admire the older woman. Camila was like her mom in many ways. Extra caring, over giving, her smile was infectious, and she loved everyone even when they didn't deserve an ounce. The brunette stood there for a couple of minutes before her mother noticed her with a squeal of surprise. Sinuhe was in her mid fifty's with light green eyes and light brown wavy hair. Camila looked like a mix between both of her parents. The two hugged and the brunette immediately sank into her mother's embrace with a sigh.

Sinuhe noticed this but said nothing as they began their chatter of what's been going on in their respected lives and they prepared dinner. The brunette really wanted to dive in and start asking her mom the questions that have been driving her nuts the past week but decided to refrain in favor of catching up.

In the middle of preparations Camila phone chimed with a text from Austin. Hey hot stuff.

The brunette gave a faint and confused smile. Austin hadn't texted her for a couple of days saying beforehand he wouldn't have service, but she thought she would get more than just a text like that. She typed a quick response asking about break and left it at that.

Sinuhe watched her daughter, she knew Camila had been dating this Austin guy for a year now but never met him and as of late hadn't heard much about him. One thing she did notice was that her little girl seemed more reserved than normal. Growing up the brunette was the first to do anything or to try and make new friends, but her overly bubbly personality became more reserved throughout high school. This change didn't seem so drastic with other people as the brunette still seemed to be pretty outgoing, but Sinuhe knew her daughter better than that. The older woman tried talking to her but couldn't seem to get through to the brunette. Camila changed and she couldn't help but blame herself for it.

It wasn't until after dinner that Camila's phone went off again. She read the message from Lauren, letting out a giggle as she responded.

I just did something either incredibly terrible or absolutely brilliant.

And what's that Laur?

Mixing Toccata and Fugue in D Minor with Run This Town. I'm not sure if it's sacrilege or not.

Camila let out a gasp and started laughing. Her mother, doing the dishes saw her light up across the room and couldn't help but wonder if she was texting the same person as earlier as Camila walked back into the kitchen with a grin on her face.

"Who was that?"

Camila looked surprised. "Huh? Oh that was Lauren, she was telling me about a mix she made." Camila had told her all about Lauren throughout the year and a bit over dinner so the older woman was familiar with her friendship with the girl.

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