A Story of a Orphan Girl

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This is my fist story so here it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am lying on the hard floor because one of the older boys has taken my bed. If you have not realized, I am an orphan, I have been here my whole life. My parents hated me so they just dumped me here. So, no one has ever loved me apart from my brother, Jake. He has brown hair, blue- green eyes and has a scar on his chin from when I got mad at him and throw a beer bottle at him.

My name is Zoe but all my friends call me Zo or Z, I am quite pretty with long wavy brown hair. I don't have the best clothes because I have no money!!! I get 5 pounds a week but I try to save it, the bitches at are school call me 'Zoe with no money' that's because they are to dumb to think of anything else. I go to school at ramly collage but it is not a collage. I am 14 so I am one of the youngest in the senior block at the orphanage, this means I am the one who gets kicked out of my bed, I usually go sleep in my brothers bed, he's 17 so he does get to sleep in a bed, but when I got to the door I heard a girls voice and thought that he might be a bit busy.

' Zo' some voice said from behind me and then i felted cold water> frikking COLD water rushing over me. i looked up and what i saw was the best think that has every happen to me, Luke, the fittest guy in this whole darn place

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