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Hello my beautiful, dazzling, mysterious readers! I've been getting a lot of comments lately asking if I will or have written a second book to Wicked Winter. And I'm here to tell you that I have! There is a book two, titled Frozen Fear, and it's completed! It's on my profile.

Also, for those who are unsure if they want to continue... I thought I'd give a tiny sneak peak on what is to come!

Read on for a sneak peak of Frozen Fear.


I'm a freak.

Or at least, I feel that way, given the wide-eyed stares and open-mouthed expressions being thrown my way. It's not like the soldiers of the Order's army haven't seen faeries before - hell, they just fought a battle with them that was so large it would be in history books for centuries to come. So I wasn't one hundred percent sure why seeing me with large, purplish eyes, and more angles and shadows on my face than normal was worth staring at me for. Maybe it was the freaky, pointed faerie ears.

It'd been two days since I left Gheimhridh, the palace of the Winter Court, and I was in shackles, mind you. They kept telling me I wasn't a prisoner, but I sure as hell felt like it. The Sage of Water, Akan Ford, had somehow pulled a code red - which is a freakishly huge deal, considering now almost the whole witch and human population were thrown into the mixing pot of their army, some sent off to fight, and others ordered to clean dirty socks and uniforms - just to retrieve me.

Needless to say, their raid was successful.

But they weren't just after me. Two Counts from Night had gone missing in the first raid of the Winter Court, and I mean... they did find both. But one was dead. And I was the one that killed her.

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