Chapter 51

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Alicia Clark.

"Did he just say King?"

Elyza looks at me. "Yeah, I think so."

"Okay then."

We lay on the bed in silence my ankle continues to throb. After about what I would guess to be about half a hour or so the door opens.

A man walks in with two other guys at his shoulders.

"Greetings I'm King Ezekiel" says the dark complexioned man. He has a deep voice definitely good for a person in command or a "King"

Elyza is looking at the "King" like she finds it amusing, so I nudge her arm. She wipes the grin off her face.

"Welcome to The Kingdom, I hear that you have a broken ankle. You may rest in here for as long as you shall need. Do you have any questions?"

Elyza's grin is back. I roll my eyes.

"I'm Alicia and this is Elyza. Thank you for your hospitality." I say in a sweet voice and then I flash a smile which he returns.

"Very well, if you have no questions I'll have someone bring you some simple supplies while you are in this room." He nods and walks out and then men behind him follow after.

"The King is being very nice don't you think?" Elyza says sarcastically and then burst out laughing.

I bite my lip and then when I can't take it I start laughing too.

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