The Daughter Of Artemis

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Author's note:
Alright! New update! My friend wrote this chapter again since I'm bad at writing Katherine and Alex's povs. Random question: Would Jake and Jacelyn look good together as a couple? My friend was wondering. Tell me in the comments section.

Chapter 8

Alex pov.

We had managed to get back to camp in 5 minutes. Apparently there was a new camper who had challenged Krissie to a fight, why someone would do that was beyond me. Arriving at the place that they were fighting we saw that there was crowd. People started rushing forward to catch a glimpse of the fight. I managed to push my way to the front, dragging Katherine with me, even though she muttered something about people glaring at us, she cared too much about what other people thought. We could now clearly see the two campers, Krissie and a girl who was probably new, she had black hair that was in a ponytail and she looked pretty mad. Wow, this girl is going to need medical aid, she can fight Krissie, she's going to lose. Looking at Katherine I realize that she has a shocked expression on her face.
" What is it?" I ask her, she looks at me, disbelief on her face.
" It's her, she's the girl in my dream," under other circumstances I would have laughed, Katherine sounded pretty ridiculous, she made it sound like the girl was her soulmate or something, however Katherine looked really serious and I was pretty sure that she wouldn't want me to laugh at her in front of everyone. So instead of laughing I just nodded and turned to watch the fight. Surprisingly enough the girl won, probably luck. As the girl won I heard Katherine sigh in relief. As I turned to look at her I wondered why she cared so much about the girl, it wasn't like she was really special or anything. Suddenly someone to my right gasped, surprised I looked up. Hovering in the air above the girl was a silver crescent moon. The girl was no ordinary girl. As everyone else started realizing what had happened they started gasping and whispering. As I looked around i noticed that Krissie was smirking.
" She's dead" I heard Katherine whisper. At that moment Chiron arrived.
" What's going on....." Looking at the crescent moon, Chiron quickly said "Everyone, go to lunch, Jake, Alex, answer any of Jacelyn's questions," he then turned around, trotting away. As me, Jake and Jacelyn walked towards the lunch place I curiously studied her.She had medium length black hair that was tied back into a ponytail, her eyes were dark brown. Wow, she actually fit Katherine's description. Looking over at Jake I gave him a quick smile. I had been trying to be friends with him for a while now, we seemed to be on friendlier terms now as he gave me a thin smile. I recalled that after the fight he had said something to Jacelyn and they smiled at each other. So not fair. The longest conversation we've had was like two minutes.
" Let's sit over there with Katherine! Because she..." trailing off I wondered if she would want me to let Jacelyn know about her dreams, " needs more friends." I finished, probably not the impression Katherine would want but.
" Whatever," Snapped Jake, so much for being on friendlier terms. As we sat the at the table a uncomfortable silence started.
" So..." I said, trying to break the ice " Jake are you a fun guy?" I asked smiling at him.
"no." he replied coldly, glaring at me.
", Jacelyn who's your dad?" I attempted, wrong question as Jacelyn's eyes turned ice cold.
" I don't know who my dad is", She said coldly "I was adopted."
" Right, of course you were," I agreed praying that I didn't sound lame. Awkward silence lingered in the air, I decided to break the ice again and hoping that this attempt would go better I stated
"I like your chair, Jake" A second of silence passed, ok, that was even worse then my first attempt, but there wasn't anything I could do about it now, Katherine burst out laughing while Jacelyn and Jake had what the heck looks on their face
" Does he always say weird stuff?" Jacelyn asked Katherine, don't say yes, don't say...
"Yeah, he does," Katherine replied, damn it.
" How do you stand him?" Jacelyn chuckled, way to go, team up on the poor defenseless guy.
" I have no idea, " Katherine laughed "Maybe now that you are here I won't have to try to stand him," They both laughed. Looking at Jake for help I gave up when i realized that he was now glaring at me.
"Whatever!" I exclaimed. Even though I didn't talk much during the lunch the ice had been broken and Katherine and Jacelyn were now talking like old friends with Jake adding something in occasionally to get a laugh out of Jacelyn. Like I said, unusual. usually Jake ignored people, especially girl and new campers. Jacelyn for some reason either didn't care or didn't want to ask about her godly parent as she never mentioned it during the conversation. Oh well.

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