• Dedicated to To my sister who is deathly afaird of bigfoot.
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Hello lovelys.

Im uploading! (as if you didn’t already realize that..)

It gets a little crazy.

Like normal.

J So enjoy!


We all just lay there, sprawled out in awkward positions.  Finally I sit up.

“Louis?” I say and he leans back and looks at me.  I slap him across the face and he gasps.

“What was that for?!?!”  He screams.

“FOR ALMOST GETTING US KILLED!” I scream back and crawl back into the backseats.

“ME?! This is not my fault! It’s Harry’s!” Louis yells.

“Well fine, then!” I say and lean over to where Harry’s crawled into the passenger’s seat and slap him across the face.  Harry just sighs.  I grab the stomped on map for the floor board and hand it to Harry.

“Now where are we?” I ask.

“Errr….I don’t know how to say this….” Harry says, blushing lightly.

“What?” I ask, confused.

“Iliedandimsosorrybutikindofdonthavemapreadingskillsanduummyeahsorrypleasedontkillme!” Harry says so fast I can’t understand him.

“WHAT?” I ask and look over at Louis whose smirking.

“He can’t read the map.” Louis says.

“WHAT?!?!” I scream, turning to Harry.  “WHAT THE DUCK, HARRY? Why?”

Harry just shrugs and Louis smirks wider.

“I knooooowww why!” Louis sings.

“Louis if you tell her I’ll kill you.” Harry says, eyes wide.

“Harry likes L-“ Louis starts but Harry tackles him. Harry loves Louis? Why is this a big secret?

“Shut up!” Harry yells, trying to cover Louis’s mouth.  My eyes widen, What’s going on? 

“Harry’s in looooooovveee!” Louis manages to get out before Harry covers his mouth again.  I don’t think I’m supposed to be witnessing this…  Not knowing what to do I cover my eyes.

“If you tell her I’ll tell her about THE thing!” Harry yells.

“You wouldn’t.” Louis yells back.

“What thing?” I ask, completely confused about what’s going on.

“Louis-“ Harry starts but a load noise stops him.

“HARRY STYLES DON’T YOU DARE!” Louis screams.  “Truce!”

Someone jumps into the back and into the seat beside me.  An arm in slung over my shoulder.

I loud moan comes from behind us. I peek through my hands.

“Did you hear that?” I ask,

“I sounded like…like…” Louis starts from beside me and then the loud moan comes again.

“RUN!” Harry screams and we all dive for the doors.  We tumble out of the van and run for the tree line.

“IT’S A BEAST!” Louis screams, wildly running ahead of me. He reaches the tree line and stops.