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T Raww Pov

Thursday Afternoon

Kylie has business somewhere. Chris and I have a music video to shoot in Malibu for Pia Mia. It's weird that we recorded that song years ago and we are just now shooting the video. Val told me she going to handle the situation. i'm relieved I couldn't tell Kylie this shit is happening again. I don't think she's going be understanding this time. Shit she wasn't understanding last time. Kylie would probably break up with me if Val has this baby.  We barely together as it is.

 I'm thinking i have to fire Val. But i don't know how to do it. I really don't want to do it.  Cuz she great at her job. I wouldn't be in the position i'm in without her. But i know we can't work together with this tension. 

Kylie Jenner Pov

So Val invited me out for breakfast and asked me not to tell T. I thought that was weird. But i'm going to meet her. we need to talk about her eye problem she had at the hospital.

" I'm glad you came." Val said as i walked inside her home. She poured us both a cup of coffee before we started our discussion.

" So. When T use to mingle with Chyna he made some bad decisions. One of those decisions were sending her nude pics. Now she threatening to leak them." I'm disappointed that T for sending the pics. But I'm not understanding the point of the meeting. If it leaks hes not going to care.

" Shes going to leak them with along a story that says he was involved with a transgender for the last 3 years." WTF? is it that serious Chyna. I really don't understand. What do you gain in leaking this fake story besides hurting someone you said you cared about. I don't understand her actions. 

" We can stop the story from leaking if we pay 3 million by Monday. T doesn't have that type of money available right now. He's barely surviving " What ? How can that be possible? He just came off a tour. 

After the meeting with Val i was in a very bad mood. I was going to stop by to see Pia but i'm too mad at him.

T Raww Pov

I making plans to take Kylie out for dinner tonight. When i arrive home shes in the kitchen already cooking. So that put a halt to my plans.

i try to kiss her and she just pushes me away.

" Yo what's wrong with you?"

" Nothing. I'm cooking leave me alone." She says with attitude. Something has to be up. But whatever i go upstairs to shower. I don't have time to figure out her problem. 

30 minutes later.

Kylie calls me downstairs telling me dinner is ready. I ignore her cuz i'm getting high. I know she's just gonna piss me off at dinner.

10 minutes later

I walk downstairs and  Kylie is throwing all of the food she just cooked in the trash. Obliviously this girl is having some type of issue going on.

" What the fuck is wrong with you? Why you acting fucking crazy yo!" I said slamming my hands on the dinning room table

" I spoke to Val today is there anything you want to tell me?" What she mean she spoke to Val? I know Val didn't tell her about being pregnant. Even if she did i'll just deny it.

" Nah. I don't have any secrets." I said nervously

Kylie goes on to tell me about their meeting about Chyna. It wasn't what i expected. Which was good to extent. But  I didn't expect Val to tell Kylie about my financial issues.

After i brought land for my house i invested in this 3 million in this flavor water company. They went bankrupt two weeks later. I never made my money back. I've been trying to bounce back since. 

" So i'm give you 3 mill, so we can get rid of this girl." 

I'm not giving chyna shit. she got me fucked up. Kylie dumb for even considering it as option to pay her. Let this girl be l dumb and commit the federal crime. She's already on probation.

End of Chapter 

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