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They broke the wrong parts of me. They broke my wings and forgot I had claws.


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She had never been in a boy's room before. It was unfamiliar, but expecting. A sword was propped against the wall and there was a desk that sat in the corner of the room. Candles were perched in hollowed caves made by brick and stone.

Above his bed was the emblem of the Starks, the Dire Wolf. He didn't have much besides that and a wardrobe and a fireplace. This wasn't a boy's room, this was a young man's room, and she had just agreed to sleep in it.

Her fingers ran through the fur blanket that was spread across the bed, enjoying the soft comfort it expelled. "This is all yours?" She asked after awhile.

Robb stood back in the doorway, watching the maid with curious eyes. He'd never seen someone so entranced by something so simple. Everyone he knew was used to the rough, cold winds of the North and many had the desire to keep warm inside the walls of his home. It was refreshing to see someone as delicate as Ella discovering what it was like to live in the North. He found it amusing, and partially endearing.

"All mine," he smiled, quietly shutting the door behind him. He tried not to come off as creepy.

Ella watched with careful eyes as he opened the chest at the end of his bed to pull out a few blankets and a pillow. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and she wasn't sure why. Robb, even if he didn't say it, promised her he wouldn't pull anything on her, so why was she acting as though he would?

"These are for me," he explained, "you're sleeping in the bed."

Ella's eyes widened as she glanced at the large spread of the bed and to what little he would be sleeping on. She shook her head, "no, this is your room, you should sleep in your own bed."

Robb wanted to roll his eyes, but refrained from doing so. "You're my guest and I'm ordering you to sleep in my bed."

He started laying out the fur pelts onto the floor in front of the burning fire. Ella was still standing there, debating whether or not she should go back to her closet and sleep. So what if she had a little back pain for the next few days? If Cersei, or Lady Catelyn found her in Robb's bed, her head would be rolling away from her body before she could ask for mercy.

Robb looked over at her and crossed his arms over his chest. "Do I need to put you to bed myself?" He asked in a mocking tone, walking over to Ella dauntingly slow.

She could feel her cheeks heating up, matching the flames that licked the stone walls of the fireplace. "No," she could barely speak. "I am capable."

Robb stood in front of her and Ella was afraid that he could hear her heartbeat, her mind echoing with his words. His gaze softened and he reached out to her, a single finger trailing down the side of her face. He leaned in toward her neck, his soft breath hitting her exposed skin. "I'm sure you are," she heard him whisper in his thick, Northern accent. It was cold and hard, like the wind.

The only thing that separated them now was that promise, and Ella, feeling as if she had been flying, wanted nothing more than to kiss Robb. But before she could even think about leaning forward, she felt a small brush of lips against the side of her jaw, and nothing else. He was back by the fireplace, settling into his makeshift bed as if nothing had ever happened. As if he had never placed his lips against her burning skin.

She couldn't believe the thoughts that coursed through her mind and the swear words that yearned to escape her mouth. Moving over to his giant bed, Ella slipped under the covers, immediately being surrounded by Robb's faint, musky scent. He smelled of pine trees and burning wood, a scent that caused her toes to curl. Closing her eyes, Ella prayed to the Old Gods and the New that she woke up early enough before Cersei discovered her absence.

"Goodnight, Ella," she heard come from the other side of the room.

"Goodnight, Robb." She murmured, falling into a lulling sleep, finally at peace.

* * *

Hair was brushed away from her face and the warm presence of a body caused her eyes to flutter open. Sitting on the side of the bed next to Ella, Robb smiled down at her. "Good morning."

Ella yawned, covering her mouth as she did. "'Morning."

His blue eyes twinkled with a secret, and Ella raised an eyebrow in question. "Did you know that you snore?" He revealed.

Ella's eyes widened and she sat up, glaring at the young Lord. "I do not snore," she defended herself.

Robb didn't make a move as he felt her hand brush against his, he merely grinned at the blush forming on her cheeks. "You're right. There must have been a hungry bear roaming the outskirts of the castle."

With a grunt of frustration, Ella's hands pushed against his chest in embarrassment. Her fingers hit his shirtless upper half, and as if she was committing a sin, clutched her hands to her chest. He gazed at Ella, his desire growing for the innocent girl at every action she made. To Robb, she was so much more than a handmaid – Ella was different than the other girls. She was –

The door swung open, revealing Theon Greyjoy. His eyes were frantic as he looked at Ella and then to Robb. "It's your brother, Bran." The words sent Robb up to his feet, throwing on a loose shirt and looking at Theon for more of an explanation.

"What happened? Is he alright?" Robb rushed out.

Theon's eyes glanced briefly at Ella, but Robb nodded, trying to be discreet. Ella was someone Robb could trust, and he didn't have time for secrecy. "He fell climbing, he hasn't woken up." Was all Theon divulged, leaving the two with a shared expression of shock and a looming cloud over their heads, one dark enough to bring storms.

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