Chapter 26 || Once Upon a Shooting Star...

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Chapter 26 || Once Upon a Shooting Star...

Noah was leaning against the door frame in his boxers, rubbing his eyes and looking utterly groggy. When I say boxers, I mean only boxer shorts and apparently did not seem to bother that he was half naked. I'm just going to pretend that it's just half has awkward as it actually is because his body is unfortunately more appealing than I wish it to be. His hair was totally messy which made him even more attractive.

Ugh. Get it together, Sofía. Don't be a victim of your own hormones. Get your head in the game.

I must have been staring for a very long time because when I looked up at Noah's face, a big fat smirk was spread on his face. My gaze went immediately back to the food on my plate, hoping he won't make one of his stupid remarks.

"For God's sake, Noah. Go get yourself dressed.", Olivia hissed but he did not make a move. "First, I need food."

"What you need is some holy water.", I mumbled under my breath, causing his head to snap at me. Seemingly, he did not understand what I said because he turned his head back to his mom.

Thank God, my cousin Adriana did not see this because she'd be clinging to her bible. My grandmother raised her children in a very conservative manner and I'm lucky my mom is the least religious of all of them because my aunt practically lives Adriana's life. She is hardly allowed to go anywhere, especially when boys are within a radius of ten miles.

Although my aunt is very strict, it does not seem to bother Adriana because she really believes in this whole "no sex before marriage"- thing and is the most devoted Christian I have ever met in my life. Needlessly to say, she is the exact opposite of me which often leads to some kind of quarrel.

I would not care in the slightest about her being very religious but I get high blood pressure every time she tells me that I'm either dressing like a prostitute because I have holes in my jeans or that I need an exorcist so that I won't go to hell because I told her that I do not believe in everything she does. Honestly, do what you got to do but don't tell me how to live my life.

Olivia has already left the house by now because she had to be earlier at work than expected. My head wandered to Noah who was sitting on the table, eating like he fasted for ten years, still not wearing one piece of clothes.

"Have you heard anything from Jackson ?", he kept chewing. "They just kept him for the night. My mom's friend told me they'll release him today."

I sighed in relief because I was truly worried that he'd be in big trouble. Matt should go to hell for putting him in a situation like this and I hope that Paula won't be on Matt's side.

"What are we doing today?", Gracie had a expectant look on her face.

Noah and I gazed at each other because we both did not seem to have planned anything. I thught about going to the park but it is raining outside.

"Uhm. I don't know.", I said hesitantly.

"What about we about we show Sofía our secret place.", he asked her playfully and Gracie nodded cheerfully.

"Secret place ? What secret place?"

"You'll see when we'll get there but we have to wait until afternoon.", he quickly answered which confused me even more.

I would have never expected Noah to be someone to have something like a secret place or anything but then again I did not expect him to be that nice either or even have a heart but that also was before I got to know him.


Trying to figure someone out is probably the hardest thing one will ever experience in his or her life. You'll come to a point if your life where you think that you know someone. Their secrets, their habits and even their personality. You are wrong. Sounds very odd to say because I talk objectively but it's true. Everyone has a side that they do not show to anyone.

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