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B E H I N D   I T


Andrea is a strong and brave woman from an average family. In her young aged, she joined a fraternity and managed to be a leader in her time. But in spite of her courage to join such group, her family doesn’t know about this even her very best friend.

Her life is easy going just with flow. And in time, where she became the leader of the group, she made it very strong and organized, and their fraternity became the wildest of all, even gangs in underground society bowed down to them. In their University, she was known as Andre, everybody looked up on her, no one ever dare to look down on her and everybody makes war for her. She was the law and the figure of all.  

She has nothing to look to worry about, but in their name, she was always looked down by her family especially by her father, she was always compared to her younger sister.

One day she went to the mall with her best friend, she met a guy named marc, who helped them in carrying their packages. That guy became her second best friend; he became the listener to all her problems and also became her loyal companion. But the guy doesn’t know about her fraternity. That become the problem coz one day when she decided to tell marc the truth; she found out that Marc doesn’t like fraternities.

And she found out that marc was a former of a fraternity and at the same time a leader of the underground society, but decided to quit for certain reason. Even though she didn’t know the real reason that really broke her heart.

Later, Andre enjoys her life, busy in many outings with the group and doing silly things. But after her vacation, she heard a news that her best friend and younger sister was rushed to the hospital, so she cancelled all her appointment. She went home immediately, and found out that an underground frat was behind it. She was very furious then, she met her group and take a revenge.

After taking revenge, she went back to the hospital pretending nothing happened. But when she arrived, she found out that her best friend died.

After the burial, her family went to state and decided that they should have a new life there. She had nothing to do but leave her group and go with her family. Before she left, she told marc the truth, marc also confesses to her that he quitted fraternity because her sister died because of him.

After two years, Andrea’s life changed, she has forgotten that she’s a leader of a fraternity or let’s say she buried all her memories of it and lived her life happily with her family and later on they went back to their country. She went first to Marc house, excited to tell her new life, but he wasn’t there instead a woman told her that he was in the hospital. She went immediately to the hospital to look over his friend and she found out that frat is behind it again.

She was shocked, and thirst for revenge again then contact her old group. When it was over, she went back to hospital and found Marc sleeping. She stared at him, then she felt pain in her heart, she then realized that revenge cannot change the past, it cannot make Marc better nor make her best friend live again.

But it was too  late, she already ruined one’s life.

Later on, Marc went out to the hospital, through him Andrea was changed, she left her group and started a new life again. The two got married and live happily but later Andrea got ill. Her sickness got worst .

Andrea died after a year of battle with her sickness. In her burial people were gathered, her group mates and members where there. Other fraternities, UG groups and gangs also visited peacefully. They were all proud of her especially her braveness.

They didn’t know that Andrea wasn’t even proud of it, she hate to that she a part of making one’s life miserable. She regretted all she’d done,  for all her wrong motives, for the bitterness, hard heart and revenge.

Note: FRATERNITY was the original title of this (because I have no any ideas) , written year 2003,


Sana wala pong ma offend sa story,I wrote this years ago, still don’t have ideas.

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