Ultra Gay (Tre Cool) (( SUPER HAWT SMutt)) ((requested))

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(pfft I hope this is gay enough WARNING SUPER HAWT AND GAY!!) 

It was a day in the many days of 2017, Andy lay flopped on a couch his red spiked hair messy and sorta sticking to the couch in a way, his moss green eyes that were surprisingly bright holding boredom and need of attention as he stared at the TV watching what seemed to be South Park? he wasn't really paying attention his mind was wandering down dark paths, with a Mr Tre Cool, he thought of the gayest of gay things they could get up to the lust and pleasure that could fill the Autumn/Fall/Spring/whatever season you want air, but sadly Mr.Cool was away on tour the thoughts snapped out of his mind quickly and he sighed letting the couch consume him more, his oversized Sex Pistols shirt moving up a little revealing the lower part of his back  and continued to watch the still running episode of South Park, his eyes grew heavier by the second and he soon found himself almost fully asleep on the couch stretching the smallest bit he let his eyes close. 

-a lil bit later-

A strong knock at the door jolted Andy awake, quickly turning to face it he rolled off the couch, wiping the sleep out of his eyes as he walked over to the door opening it quickly, to reveal a smiling Mr.Cool "Tre?" he questioned yawning a little "Andy!!" Tre beamed throwing his arms around him and pulling him into a hug that Andy quickly returned "I thought you were still on tour?" he questioned laughing a little "I couldn't stay away from you" Tre whined eventually letting go "oh yeah come in" Andy chuckled and stepped over so Tre could walk in, a smile still plastered on his face "so you came back...all for me?" Andy asked confusion lacing his voice "but of course!" Tre bubbled sitting on the couch Andy was recently asleep on "but why?" Andy closed the door and began his way to the kitchen to grab drinks for him and Mr.Cool "because you're worth it" Andy stopped a small blush beginning to form on his face, he smiled "Thanks, Tre" he thanked and turned to face him.

-I can't smut pffffft so enjoy-

It was a small while later (logic) and a hawt makeout party between Andy and Tre had started to take place (ok I'm sorry I'm tired enjoy crack) Tre began to succ Andy's nec makin him du a moan "oh Tre" he moan and Treangle smirk against his skin "nhyes Andbone?" he ask kissy his lips again feling somthin rise against his leggo "is tet a drum stick or r u haps 2 see meh" he laugh and Andbone blush "it is a drum stick" he correct and took it out "oh it's actually a drum stick wOE" Tree lughed ye 

den real fucc's happened 

and they all lived Happily Ever After <3 




I'm sorry  I'm tired and well yea 



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