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The morning weather was chilling but people were in a rush as it was a Monday. Yet in this apartment two people were asleep cuddling each other like some teenage lovers. It was around 8 .20 now but no one dare wake up..but the sudden  continuous ringing of chanyeol's phone made both of them stir from their sleep. .

yeol...your phone is ringing


yeol...answer it...

hmm hmm


hmm ?

dumb ass answer your fucking phone..

hmm awww ouch baek..what the fuck why did you hit me

answer the phone idiot it keeps on ringing

oh! baek..baek where's it

under the pillow. ..

thnx baby...


baekhyun hummed as chanyeol gave a quick peck on his lips


honey...did I wake you up

oh mom yeah you did

sorry darling but you are coming tonight right?

oh about that mom i don't think that it's much necessary for something like that right now.

what are you telling honey?

it almost 3 years that you married baekhyun yet you don't have any children we definitely need to check baekhyun up..

but mom he's already a doctor he knows what to do

the point is he's not doing anything, isn't it ?

so at least we have to do something

mom plz there's so much time for this

no chanyeol you are already 30 and baekhyun is 26 and you guys are not getting any younger

mom.....plz let baekhyun be...he's to tired from all the work he do

so what ?

just let him rest at least today

no we are waiting and you guys are coming for the lunch and that's it

  I'm still on hiatus ok but i couldn't help but write this ....
These thoughts were killing ne and i just love CEO chanyeol and DOCTOR baek....
I still haven't come across a ceo chanyeol and doc baekhyun fic so i thought why not make one for my yeah....
Plz wait till End of August. .then I'll be free as a bird to finish all the fics I've started. ....

Love ya♡♡♡♡♡♡


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