Part 10~Karkat~ Its not rape if I like it, Karkat.

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He licked and kissed at it, earning little moans from me. Everytime I moan, he'd chuckle. He finally pulled away to look at his work. (you can skip this part if you're not dark skinned like I am.) Since I'm dark skinned, it didn't show up very well but it still showed a dark mark. "You're moans are adorable..." He blushed with his candy colored blush filling his whole face. I smiled "Oh gog... Karkles said something was adorable except for himself. The world is ending!" He pulled me into a one second kiss to shut me up. "Don't fucking tell anyone I said that."

"I will." I said sarcastically. He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them around my ankles. He took his hand and pressed it against my clit. I moaned and tried to press my legs together but only to be blocked by Karkat's hand. "Hey, keep those things under control or I'll tie them to something."

"Aww... Karkitty getting frustrated?" He blushed at the comment and the nickname. "Sh-shut up..."

"And if I don't? Am I gonna be punished or something?" He growled and put more pressure on me. Making me moan louder than I've been doing. "Yeah. And say one more word or it'll be rape."

It's not rape if I like it, Karkat." I giggled, and the next thing I knew, I was up against the wall opposite of the toilet with a lust filled Karkat holding me against the wall. "I warned you, ______."

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