Chapter Thirty Seven

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After school that day, I went straight to the sigma house were Lucas would be waiting for me. I was about to knock at their door when Rick suddenly opened it. We smiled at each other.

"Hmm, were you expecting me or what?" I mused. He chuckled.

"I wish but I have a class now."

"Oh, okay. "

"And you?" he smirked, "Did you come to see your boyfriend?"

"Uh no." Lucas's voice came in from behind Rick. We turned to look at him. "Sorry, but she has a painting to begin." he smiled, playfully teasing Rick. We laughed.

"Oh, okay." he then turned to me, "A kiss before I leave?"

"Sure." I smiled and we held each other before sharing a short but hot kiss. We then broke it and I opened my eyes fast enough to catch Lucas looking away, trying to avoid the awkwardness. I tried not to laugh.

"Bye, baby."

"Yup." I replied as he walked down the porch. I then turned to Lucas with a smile. He rolled his eyes and I laughed.

"Next time, I'll make sure not to be anywhere near both of you." he stated and I laughed again.


I took my drawing and paint materials out and arranged them on Lucas's table. He was in the bathroom.

"Honey?" he called. I looked up from the table, surprised.

"Are you talking to me?"

"Yeah. You said you didn't really appreciate the ghetto goddess issue right? I decided to call you any other sweet name. Is that bad?" he asked from his bathroom.

"Uh no, it isn't. But I was beginning to get used to the ghetto goddess." I mused.

"Okay then. I can still call you that. But I'm gonna use other names too."

"Alright, Lou. If you want."

A few minutes later, he came into the room.

"So, what do you have in mind? What pose?"

"Today I'm making a half portrait. It's not a painting that I'm just gonna sell to anyone, this one is for a customer who passed a precise command. So it's for her. She wants a portrait from your head to your waist."

"Um, okay." he went to the white wall in his room. And took a casual yet cool pose. Yup, modeling would be good for him. "This good?"

"Yup but there's one tiny itsy detail left." I mused.

"Which is?"

"She wants you shirtless on it."

"What?" he mused.

"Yup. Or are you scared?" I teased.

"Of course not. Your customers are kinda freaky don't you think?" he joked and we both laughed.

"Shut up."

He chuckled and unbuttoned his shirt till he had nothing on the top.

"Good." I said and he smiled.

Lucas was as sexy as he was cute! He had that lean yet well shaped and built body. Smooth everywhere. His abs were evident too. His jeans hung low so I could get a sneak peak of his boxer's waistband. The V lines on each sides of his abdomen drew their way perfectly down to you know where.
I grabbed my pencil to begin when he spoke,

"Who's a better kisser?"

I looked up at him, more than surprised.


"Who kisses better than the other?" he repeated. I stared at him. Of course he was talking about himself and Rick. I pretended not to have heard the question because I didn't want to give the answer.

"Huh??" I pretended not to have heard him properly again.

Lucas stared at me and I watched with amusement as his lips curled up to the side into a knowing, mischievous smirk. He clearly knew my answer and why I was I pretending not to hear him.

"Why are you smiling like an idiot?" I asked.

"I always act like an idiot when around you."

"Hm! Let's not try to get things more awkward than they are already. Okay?" I mused.

"As you wish."

"Now pose."


As i walked back to the beta house, a lot of things popped into my mind. I'd noticed some things earlier when drawing Lucas.

Throughout he would make some comments that got me confused. Or he would ask questions that weren't really uh, appropriate? Questions like:

"Do you really love Rick?"

"You still haven't answered my question . who's a better kisser?" And stuff like that.

Lately I'd caught him checking me out. More than once.

I entered my room and met Yasmin.

"Hey, girl. What's up?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing new. Had classes, met Ricky, drew Lucas and oh, Lucas probably likes me. That's all." I said in a casual yet sarcastic manner before collapsing on the bed close to her.

She stared at me in silence.

"Uh hun, I didn't get the last part of your sentence properly." she mused and I laughed.

"Lucas likes me. It's so obvious." I said, sitting up.

"And it's now you notice."

I looked at her.

"You knew?"

"I noticed it from the moment you introduced him to me, hon. Too bad you're dating Rick now."

"Ha, even if I wasn't dating Rick, I would not date Lucas."

"Ouch. Why?"

"Yazz you know me. Luke is a hottie in his own way. He is the type many girls like. But he's not my type."

"Oh, right. I know you're more into these macho guys who are confident and stuff like that."

"Exactly. Lucas is– he's too sweet for me. And plus, he's already in my friend zone."

"Oh. So he'll be in the friend zone forever?" Yazz mused.

"Don't laugh Yazz it ain't funny. Do you know how many girls have been trying to have him or get his attention??"

"Then make him hook up with one of them."

"I'll try. Lucas is stubborn."

I got up and headed for the bathroom. I decided that I would talk things out with him and make everything clear.

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