Zombies Rule Contest

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I salivate among the humans. The scent of their flesh is strong. It’s getting hard to contain myself. All the humans pass by me without knowing what’s going on with me, who I am, what I am. I’m more than cautious.

Today is my first day of being in a school with humans. It’s really weird and uncomfortable. I feel like everybody’s looking at me, but they’re not. I look around, feeling confused and nauseous. I would puke, but I can’t. Blood... it isn’t exactly pukable...

“Hey. Are you okay?” asked a guy next to me. 

I look at him with a glare, then face the crowded hallway again. “No. I am not okay.”

He smiles sympathetically. “You new here, huh?”

Banging my head hard behind me, I turn back to him. “No. That’s why I’m here for the first day of school.”

He touches my shoulder and I feel a spark there. My eyes open in alarm. “I can be your tour guide if you want?”

“No,” I answer immediately, then walk away to God knows where. I look at my schedule and look around me. Again, I bang my head on the nearest locker. “‘Eff my life.” I keep banging my head.

“You know you’re killing brain cells?” asked someone close to me. I kept silent so all you could hear is the bang. Bang. Bang. “You sure you don’t need a tour guide?”

Finally, I lifted my head in defeat. “Fine, but you will not talk and just take me to my class. Got it?”

He nods his head with a big smile on his face. “Cool.”

“I said no talking,” I spat with venom.

He zipped his lips and started walking. I stayed behind him, watching him closely. I wonder why I’m not drooling around him. If he’s human, I would be, but he isn’t because I’m not. Is he a vampire? Is he a zombie? Is he something I can eat? Then I run into him... hard.

“Woah. Are you okay?” I get the tingly feeling again as he grasps both my arms. I push him roughly.

“Fine.” I turn and look at the door. It’s my class. “Thanks. Now leave.” I push him again, but instead he grabs my arm to hug me. I look into his eyes and notice that they’re icy blue. He’s observing me like I am with him. I just stare at him with curiosity.

“You smell amazing.” And with that, he turned and walked away.

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