Chapter 25

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The next morning, Souji strolled through the mansion searching for a certain someone. He casually toyed with a small wooden box in his hands as his eyes scanned places where his black headed Kitten could potentially be.

Just as he was passing through the back, he heard it.

Her voice.

A mischievous grin formed on the brunette man's face. "Could she be talking to herself?" A stream of comments to tease her with flowed through his head immediately as the thought crossed his mind. He advanced towards the sound of Rin's voice, but as he got closer, Souji stopped in his tracks.

"komorebi no ayatori ga hodoke yagate hi ga ochiru 
kono ichinichi ga buji ni sugiru hibi ga
towa ni tsuzuita nara

["When the cat's cradle of the sun's rays sifting through branches are untangled, the sun soon sets.
These days are peacefully passing days
If only it could continue forever"]

Rin was singing, her voice clear and alluring, almost like a siren's call which Souji couldn't help but feel drawn to.

He had heard her hum, whistle and even mumble songs to herself at times but this was the first time he was hearing her properly sing.

"At least she's not talking to herself like a crazy person...not that she isn't crazy..."

Rounding a corner, he almost expected her to be dancing as well, but instead, he found her silhouette behind massive white sheets on a washing line as she put up more wet ones.

"keredo anata wa sono inochi o kezuri
tayuminaku susumiyuku
asu o motomete asu e isogite
mienu ibara no michi
" she continued singing.

["But you are scraping away at your life
Not relaxing, endlessly advancing
Seeking tomorrow, hastening towards tomorrow
On an obscure path of thorns"

Rin clearly didn't know Souji was there. Souji was almost tempted to sneak up on her, but he didn't want her to stop.

Rin, for once, sounded happy and peaceful. "Which is very ironic considering what she's singing-"

At the next part, Souji could swear he could hear music in his head that accompanied the words as the tone of Rin's voice became stronger.

"aa suzuyaka na kaze ni naritai
sakura no miki no katawara de
kokorozashi idaki kakenukeru hito ga ima wa
odayaka ni warau you ni
kono asagiiro no sora no shita

["Ah, I want to become a refreshing breeze
By the edge of a cherry blossom tree
The person who ran past, embracing his goals, can now
Laugh gently
Underneath this pale blue-green sky"

The words felt so melancholic yet they gave off a sense of warmth. There was something about the way Rin was singing which seemed to make Souji hold his breath. He closed his eyes as he let her voice flow through him.

He felt like her voice was wrapping around his soul...

He felt at peace-

"Oi...what are you doing there standing like an idiot?" Rin's voice sharply cut through his mind, forcing Souji to slowly open his eyes as he was greeted by the view of the clear, blue afternoon sky.

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