Chapter 4

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Sameer's Pov

I hold her tightly in my arms. We were trapped my all the sides. There were 8 men around us. I looked around at the men while pointing my gun to each one of them one by one.

"Keep your gun down". The main man among them said.

"Let us go, or else you all will regret it". I said.

Suddenly I felt like she is about to faint. I looked down at her. Her eyes were closed. I shaked her a little.

"Hey, stay conscious. Trust me, everything will be fine. Just hold on, okay". I said to her. She was having a hard time being conscious. Her breathing was uneven. She was so scared of all this. She looks so paled. I can't see her like that.

I kissed her forehead. And again hugged her tightly. I can't let anything happen to her.

I just have to hold this situation for a bit. Ayaan must be coming with my body guards.

They started laughed and my anger was rising. "See who is saying this. For your kind information you are trapped my us. So act smart and put your down". He said.

"You know your boss is the most weak person I have ever met. He doesn't even have guts to face me". I said as I saw Ayaan coming towards us with many body guards. He was slowly coming towards us so that the men around us may not know.

"Just shut up and put the gun down". He said angrily.

"Who is this girl with you? She is so beautiful I must say". One of the man said while looking at her with lust in his eyes. I lost my temper and shot him straight in his head.

I know it was a wrong move, as I was trapped by all sides but I can't control myself. She is mine, only mine. Whoever dares to even look at her, I will not leave them alive.

As soon as I shot that man. Ayaan and my guards started shooting them. All the men around us turned their attention towards my guards. I picked her up in my arms as she was unconscious and started running towards the exit. I kicked two man who were blocking my way.

I saw police officers coming in my direction. They stopped me when they saw her in my arms.

"This girl. Yes she is the one. Thank you so much for saving her. Her brothers out there are so worried for her and are fighting with the men to come inside to save her". The officer said and I nodded looking at her paled face.

The two lady police officer took her from me. And send her out towards the ambulance. I signed heavily. With a hand shake, the officers left.

"Are you okay?". Ayaan said coming from behind me.  I just nodded, my eyes still looking in the direction of my angel.

"Hey, where is she? You told me she is with you right?". He asked.

"Yes she was with me. But some officers came in search of her.  Her brothers are so worried for her. I let them took her from me because she needs her family right now". I said and Ayaan put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay dude. Anyways I know you will not let her go. So for now what you did was correct. Come now let's go home now". He said and we both left from there. I send few of my men behind her to keep me updated about her.

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