Hey my name is miracle but everyone calls me pooh im 5'2 and im sixteen i have a older brother he a protective bro ( if u know what i mean) my parents argue to much. My granny came to stay with us but it still goes on no matter what bad things has happened to me like, rape, abused my life is just messed is what you can say until i met mindless behavior

                                                the night before the concert

Pooh:Im bored

PDad:Well you want me to entertain you

Pooh: never mind gues ill just call cali

PDad: no way u be on the phone to much

Pooh: no i do not *whispers* u be on the damn phone to much

PDad: i heard that * hits her*

Pooh: *holds her face and runs upstairs crying to her big bro De'Andre he a year older than her*

                          in De'Andre room

De'Andre: what happened did he hit you i promise i will beat his ass and you know that

Pooh: yeah he did and plz dont hes stronger than you remember he been in the army you dont kow what he might have behind his back.

De'Andre: ion care he still aint have no right to do that cause he got mad at somebody else


De'Andre: what did you do to make him mad

Pooh: he said i be on the phone to much i said no i dont you do so he got mad and hit me im fed up with this shit bro imma leave they ass i promise.

De'Andre: how long we been goin through this almost eightteen years and thats alot just wait till school over then we gone ide.

Pooh: ide good night im finna go talk to granny, granny you woke!!

Granny: yeah sweetie

Pooh: can i talk to you for a minute

Granny: of course you can

                                             They granny room

Pooh: Im tired of it imma run away he just ugh

Granny: sweetie just dont try to make him mad

Pooh: i just say simple things and he get mad and feels like he need to hit me for no reason

Granny: Its not like he did worse


Granny: what he do to you you know what i got up in this purse here and i aint afraid to use it on his ass

Pooh: i have said enough

Granny: no you didnt now come sit your ass back down

Pooh: fine

Granny: what he do

Pooh: *starts crying and then starts crying even harder* he raped me *starts breathing heavy and crys even worser*

Granny: thats it *gets up and get her gun out her purse even tho she 60 she dont act like*

Pooh: no granny plz its k he stronger than you

Granny:idgaf i gotta a gun wat the fuck his ass got muscle weak punk ass nigga *then sits back down and puts gun back in here purse*

Pooh: imma go to sleep good night granny love you

Granny: love you to do your momma know

Pooh: no

Pooh: no she will kill me for not tellin here literally kill me

Granny: imma tell her mater a fact now imma call her * calls her mom and tell her blah blah blah*

Pooh:good ight u know what granny you a striaght gangster from out the hood even though you 60 you act like you 18 or sumthing you crazy love you

Granny: mhmhmmm goodnight love you to.

                       early in the morning

Pooh: *wakes up* wheres De'Andre where you at

Granny: you slept in my room

Pooh: ohh how my mom react

Granny: child it was crazy yo daddy went to jail and everything i was happy

Pooh: wow granny you is crazy and ghetto

  (gets in the shower do her egular routine and wakes up De'Andre he do the same and they leave for school)                   at school Pooh (P.O.V)

Pooh: bro let me see your phone so i can call cali so we can walk to school with us

De'Andre: no

Pooh: why

De'Andre: im mad wait pissed at you

Pooh: what i do

De'Andre: what he did to you granny and momma told me what happened

Pooh: im sorry i didnt know what to do

De'Andre: fuck off *runs to where his friends at*

Pooh: fuck you too then nigga

                                                            Cali (P.O.V)

cali:*i see pooh but why she lookin sad and shit* ayoo!! pooh come her

Pooh: *walks over ther* uh *all pissed aNd shit*

Cali: whats wrong

Pooh: nothin just pissed at De'Andre imma hurt him talkin bout fuck off and wont speak to me you know i hate it when he gets mad llike that and doesnt talk to me at all for a long time.

Cali: why imma straighten his ass out

Pooh: naw dont do it i got his ass at home ready for the concert remember front row seats yeah buddy!! okay thats it my fingers hurting imma update if i get atleast 5 votes and coments and alotta readers. peace *bubbles face* stay mindless 143

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