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As the day goes by from the rising of the sun, it seems all hope is gone. And we wonder where is God in his majesty!

Sometimes it looks as if this very right thing you are doing is not working out as expected and you have now made up your mind to involve in the contradiction. People knew you as a nice fellow but it looks as if your being nice is not profiting you anything and now made up your mind to be the terror on the street. Some of you are even brilliant and intelligent, you have know all you suppose to know, yet no institution is ready to offer you admission.

Did you ever know that you are not the first candidate in these class of people? The scripture says 'For in that He {Jesus} himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour {help} them that are tempted.' Hebrews 2:18

He has felt the pain you are going through now 2000 years ago when he was on the face of the earth. He came to save the lost souls yet, those lost souls crucified him. Now he is willing to offer help to anyone who is willing to allow him. He is not an emotionless personality. He wept.. When Lazarus his friend died. JOHN 11:35. He is not happy when we are going through pains and reject. Even though he is willing to help, he still needs your permission. He says ' if you will only let me help you..' ISAIAH 1:18 {AMP VERSION}

There is still hope for you my beloved.

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