Chapter 1

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Snortle here :) I am a newbie having a dabble at creative writing, in fact Truly Yours being my first attempt at a full-length work of fictional romance.

I hope you can support me along the way, with your reads, votes, and words of encouragement :) Votes make me happy, votes AND comments make me happier.


Adam walked lazily over to the huge oak bookshelf, placing the Qur'an he had been reading back in its place on the top shelf. In recent years he'd tried to make a habit of reciting from it daily, no matter how hectic his schedule. It provided him with inner peace and helped build his emotional strength to deal with life and its uphill struggles. 

Having been actively encouraged by his parents to read from a very young age, he and his sister had developed a firm passion for literature from all over the world. Even now at the age of twenty four, his vast collection in various languages was scattered all over the house and becoming somewhat frustrating for his clean freak mom. He frowned as he pulled out a book buried under some bigger ones. This passion of his caused great annoyance whenever someone was to borrow a book only to not bother returning it, or to simply shove it back in any random order. His eyes slowly searched out an engineering one relative to his new job, when he heard a sudden screeching of tyres outside followed by raised voices and raucous laughter. He moved quickly to his left, straining to look out of the lounge window to see who was causing commotion in the family's quiet suburban street.

"Bitches!" He heard a girl shriek loudly, as she half tumbled and was half pushed out of a black Honda Civic that seated more shrieking girls. She then flicked them off with both hands as they drove off in the opposite direction they had come, leaving a trail of dust where the girl remained standing.

Adam shook his head and turned away from the window. Since when did girls around here start acting like this, he wondered to himself. He'd grown up in a decent, respectable area which was always believed to be an ideal location for setting up home in; perfect for couples and young families with its many parks and greenery, and various outstanding schools. It had had a neighbourly feel where nobody felt the need to lock doors and people felt safe. Now standards had definitely declined as it seemed full of wary new faces who chose to keep themselves to themselves, procrastinating delinquent teenagers too lazy to study or work, and now girls too it seemed, whom happened to be louder, more immodest and off the rails than the lads. Sure he knew he was being judgemental and unfair - especially considering his own past - but he hadn't witnessed this sort of behaviour out in conservative Oman for almost six years, so it served like a shock to his system.

Giving up his search for the book, Adam grabbed the remote control and turned on the television. Last Summer he'd made the decision to move back home, to find a suitable wife and finally settle down. Living out there in the Middle East had been enjoyable, however it was never his plan to live there permanently. He would always treasure the memories and years spent there with his father - who himself had worked in the Arab country for over a decade, returning home to the UK every Summer and all other big holidays. They had flown back together a few days ago and his father would be returning to work alone after a few weeks.

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