One ;; Secret Protecter

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I'll never forget it. It's when those grisly monsters came to life and attacked the living. Just a quiet town near the mountains, named: Raccoon City. That night was horrible. The president had no choice, but to sterilize the city. Far as I knew, Umbrella, the maker of the virus, was finished. I almost died a few times back then, if it wasn't for a woman in (f/c). I never saw her face, but something about her intrigued me. Even over the years I kept her in the back of my mind.

Six years have passed since that fateful day.

Ever since then, I was training under the president's orders. My first mission was to bring back his daughter safely. That's the only reason I'm in this lonely and rural part of Europe.

"What brings you out here?" The cop in the passenger seat spoke.

"You're a long way from home cowboy." The driver said.

"Guess that's a locals way of breaking the ice," Leon said sarcastically.

The car came to a stop, they weren't to their destination yet, the one cop just had to take a piss.

The blonde agent stared out his window, was deep into his thoughts about this mysterious woman from Raccoon.

"Want a smoke?" The driver snapped Leon out of his thoughts.

Leon waved his hand as a 'no' and continued to think.

The other cop finally came back when the car drove off again.

Across a small wooden bridge, the two cops halted.

"It's just up ahead. . ." One cop said.

"Why don't you go on along, we'll stay here to make sure we don't get any. . .parking tickets." The other cop lied.

"Right, parking tickets." Leon scoffed and got out. "Man, who are these guys?" He muttered to himself.

The agent pulled out his gun and walked up to an old house.

His communication device rang - he picked it up.

"Agent Kennedy, I'm Ingrid Hunnigan, I'm here to guide you on this mission." She introduced herself.

"I thought you'd be a bit older," Leon grinned.

She adjusted her red spectacles as he said this.

"So the subject's name is Ashley Graham?" The male asked.

"Correct, the president's daughter, so behave yourself." Hunnigan joked.

"Will do, Leon out."

The conversation ended as Leon walked into the old home.

The blonde male saw a man at his fireplace- tending the fire.

"Sir?" Leon said, but the man continued with the fire.

Leon breathed in from frustration.

He then walked up to the man and pulled out Ashley's picture.

"Excuse me, sir? Have you seen this girl?" The American asked calmly.

The man only yelled in Spanish- probably telling Leon to get off his property.

Even though Leon didn't know what he said, he didn't sound too happy.

"Sorry to 'ave bothered you," The blonde male said and put Ashley's photo away.

The man pulled out an axe, and almost hit Leon with it, but Leon dodged it.

He then pulled out his gun and pointed it at the man.

"Freeze!" The man kept coming closer with the axe. "I said freeze!" He said louder, but the man wouldn't stop.

Leon had no choice, but to kill the man.

Leon put his gun away and checked his body.

"Wait, he isn't a--"

"Zombie? No, but he might as well be." A woman in a sexy spy outfit said, holding a gun up to Leon.

The blonde male spun around and raised his weapon.

"I'm going to ask you to put your gun down now!" He said with a low growl.

"Hmph," You smiled at him, but didn't put down your weapon. "I remember you. Rookie cop from Raccoon, you saved my little cousin: Sherry Birkin." You looked at your nails on one hand while the other held the gun.

"You're the one who saved me!" He lowered his weapon. "I must ask, why?"

"You were helping my family, that's all." You half told the truth.

"Put your weapon down, let's just talk," He said putting his hands up a bit.

"I was hired to kill you, but I won't --yet." You gave him a smile.

When you looked away for a split second, he pulled out his knife and held it to your throat, and grabbed your hand holding the gun.

"I'm not going to ask you again, drop it." He said once more.

You obeyed, dropping it to the floor.

You gave him a condescending smile as you kneed him in the groin, and pushed him away.

He then came at you again, you dodged him the first time, but with the second he pinned you against the wall.

"I would arrest you, but I have other problems to attend to." He said.

You pushed him off you, and kicked his chest. When he hit the floor, you placed you foot on his rib cage.

"I do as well, I'll see you around, Mr. Kennedy." You picked up your gun and put it in your holster.

"Before I go, be careful around those villagers. They're deadly." You the grappled away to the roof, disappearing from Leon's view.

"Who is she. . ." Leon muttered to himself and picked up his weapons.

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