13. Girlfriend Club

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                "Bus sweet bus," I muttered, dropping my duffel bag on the floor and kicking it underneath my bunk bed on our tour bus.

                Of course, the week had flown by too quickly, and now we were all reunited back on this stupid tour bus. I used to like it until I experienced a nice meal from Zayn's mom and the wonderful amenities included — like a hot shower — for the week long stay. It was awful enough at saying goodbye to Zayn's family, but watching him do it? I was surprised I hadn't shred a tear.     

                Like I said and know, goodbyes aren't my thing. They never were and never will be, so when I said goodbye, I was almost in tears from seeing and getting the chance to meet such a nice family. Everyone — from Saffa to Mr. Malik — was so nice to me and welcoming, making me feel like I was a part of their family. Niall hopped onto the bunk on top of mine, sighing as his head hit the pillow.

                It was officially time for our UK tour now that we had rounded and dabbled in America. It felt like new territory to me — which it was — but I was excited, nonetheless, to preform and get to explore when we had a few days off. Harry was pouting to himself while he and Louis drifted off to the lounge, Liam in his bed and Zayn already in the shower.

                "I need food to mend my broken heart," Niall muttered, hopping off his bunk. "Because I'm going to miss not eating Nandos every day."

                I rolled my eyes at him, but still let a laugh escape my lips. "Aw, Niall, don't worry."

                As he walked out, he shot me a playful look. "Easy for you to say. You've only experienced it twice!"

                I simply shrugged, hearing the shower go off in the bathroom. Excitedly, I crawled up onto Zayn's top bunk and waited only for a moment before he came out of the bathroom in sweatpants and a tee shirt that fit perfectly around his waist. Biting my lip, I forced my eyes to trail upward and see a towel hanging from his hands.

He was drying his hair with a towel before running a hand through it, making the black locks stick up in different directions as he tossed the towel into the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom. Glancing upward, he met my gaze, a huge grin settling on his lips almost instantly. Hopping up onto the bed, my boyfriend tackled me in a hug, pulling me down so I was lying on top of him.

"I want you to sleep here tonight," Zayn murmured against my neck, making shivers fall down my spine. "It's going to be hard falling asleep without you."

                "Sounds good to me," I breathed out.

                Before I knew it, Zayn had flipped us over on the bed, his body hovering inches above mine as his lips crashed onto my own. They moved in instant sync, my eyes shutting as my hands blindly ran through his hair, sliding down to the back of his neck to keep him where he was. Slowly and teasingly, Zayn ran his tongue along my bottom lip, his hands touching the bare skin on my waist.

                Somehow I was able to flip us over as I disconnected our lips, breathing heavily against his neck while trailing kisses down it. A moan escaped his lips as I did so, and I found myself smirking into his tan skin as my fingers grasped the end of his tee shirt, pulling it off his head. Since I was straddling him, I could very easily feel 'Little Zayn' bulging against his sweat pants as I sucked an area on his neck, leaving a hickey.

                "Rose," Zayn moaned softly, flipping us over one last time as his lips crashed onto mine again.

                I didn't object as we lay on his top bunk, making out with one of his hands on my hip — the tank top I had been wearing riding up to my belly button and his hand making direct contact with my skin — and the other holding his body weight off of me. As our kiss began coming to an end, I took the risk by biting down on his bottom lip gently, opening my eyes as I pulled it outward before releasing it.

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