Chapter 1

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"Naruto!" I turned and my best friend/crush, Sakura, was running up to me, tears streaming down her face "H-he..."

"He dumped you?" I asked. She nodded and I hugged her, "I'm sorry. He shouldn't play with people's hearts like that."

"Sasuke is so cute but he's a asshole!" Sakura cried into my chest.

Yep, my best friend/crush dated the biggest playboy, Sasuke Uchiha, and expected a normal relationship. I warned her that once he had his way with her, she'd get dump but she didn't listen.

Still, I've known her for most of my life. I'd be as big as a dick as he is if I just said "Told ya so!" and walked away.

"N-Naruto...?" I turned around and saw Hinata and Kiba where standing there, staring at the crying Sakura in my chest.

"Sasuke?" Kiba asked.

"Sasuke." I growled.

Everyone knew of Sasuke and his older brother Itachi. They were the playboys of the school and everyone knew that. But, as girls put it, they have a certain charm that makes them do what they want. Even some guys fall for them!

Those two have fucked almost everybody in the school. I am the only ones who hasn't been tricked (Kiba claims he doesn't remember anything but the Uchihas say differently). They made it a competition to see who'd get everyone in the school first.

"You know they've been looking for you, Naruto. Right?" Kiba asked.

I nodded, "Like that'll happen."

"Naruto...." I looked down at Sakura, who had stopped crying, "Promise you won't be fooled by them..."

"I won't." I smiled at her, "I already have my eye on someone anyways!"

"Re-really? Wh-who is that?" Hinata asked. The bell rung and we all sighed. I gave Sakura a hug, telling her to feel better, before running off to class.

That's when I realized.

I had the same class as Sasuke this period.


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