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006. | ❛ you're a criminal now.

Caroline sprinted up the street, skidding to a halt as she turned the corner to the sight of a dozen black police cars surrounding Bucky's building. The task force had been mobilized too quickly, the air space was immediately restricted, and she had lost time in the landing process, and now... she was too late.

Stepping back into the shadow of the building, eyeing up the established perimeter, hunting for a weak spot. About 20 men were stationed on the ground as a covert team infiltrates the stairwell. Her eyes traced up the building, immediately spotting Bucky's window, the boarded glass still intact.

Scanning up, suddenly catching movement from the roof as what seems like a large bird departs. Falcon. If Sam was here, so was Steve and Kiara. Caroline rummaged in her back pocket for her ear piece, hoping that they were still on the old channel that they used. Watching as men descend from the roof, propelling on ropes to Bucky's terrace. Caroline had to do something and couldn't just stand there and be useless, even if she couldn't help him, she had to try.

She removes the scorpion knife from her side and slips it into her hand, quickly sneaking up behind a nearby guard. Glancing quickly around, she quietly connected the hilt with the back of his head, rendering him unconscious, catching his body to lower him silently to the ground.

Hurriedly removing his gun and walkie, adorning them to her body, hoping the communication device will provide some insight on how to help Bucky. She jerked upright, with her vision focusing on Bucky's window as the glass shatters from a gunshot, fired from the neighboring building.

A Sniper.

She watched as men infiltrated Bucky's apartment, shots ringing out moments later. She bite into her lip as she tried to come up with some sort of plan. Some way to help him. Then, suddenly she sees it, a backpack flying out from his window and landing on the adjacent roof, the same roof with the sniper. Now she knew where he was headed. In an instant she was on the move, sprinting back through the streets away from the perimeter.

Climbing in a broken window on the first floor, moving swiftly to the stairwell as she began to race up towards the roof. She quickly reached the door, her right hand gripping onto one of her distance dart knives. She flung the door open and let the knife fly into the first guard, lowering the defenses as the sniper turns around to meet her second dart, thrown instantly after it's sister.

Caroline wasted no time in arming herself with the sniper's dropped gun, training it to Bucky's window hoping to provide some cover. She could see Steve's shield break through the window, spotting a man lining up a gun on her Captain, she fired a quick shot, causing the man to drop.

Steve fervently scans the horizon looking for the friendly shooter.
"What the hell kind of trouble did you get yourself into now Cap?" Caroline spoke into the comm, hoping that Steve to be on the other end.

"Caroline, you have no idea how happy I am to hear your voice." She heard his smile through his exerted laugh as he makes contact with an assailant. "You always come through for me." He huffs as his pace quickens, "Always there for me."

She bite her lip, tensing at his words as she looked through the scope again, watching Steve race back into the apartment. It made her gut twist to hear the joy in his voice, the hopeful tone believing that her presence there was unselfish, convinced of her devotion to him. The walkie rings on her hip, a man's foreign voice coming through over the static "Suspect has broken containment," He says in German, "He's headed down the east stairwell." The line suddenly cuts, leaving her with some information to work on.

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