15 - Parties and Semi-Finales

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The weekend finally came which to Normani only meant they had one week until semi-finals. The other a capella groups were throwing a big party for all the aca-people but the brunette wasn't having it. She believed they needed to practice well into the night and not associate with the competition all weekend so they were fully focused and prepared for semi-finals, despite all of the girl' groans and protests.

The brunette was quickly falling back into her extreme dictator mode, which was almost non-existent once she started dating Dinah. After what felt like a hundred laps around the auditorium and countless run-throughs the girls tried bartering with their captain to let them go so they can go to the party. Normani was determined and in the middle of her speech on focusing when Dinah suddenly stood up and grabbed the brunette with a surprised squeak, pulling her towards the auditorium doors. When the brunette started struggling too much blonde stopped and proceeded to throw her girlfriend over her shoulder with ease and continued the journey towards the doors. Dinah would've never believed that growing up with all brothers would have come in handy in a time like this.

All of the 5H members were in awe of the sight, it really was quite the spectacle to see their dominant leader thrown over someone's shoulder, let alone Dinah's. As soon as the doors closed they began their excited chatter about what just happened, most wondering if they should leave or not. Keana's only concern was trying to get anyone to split a pizza with her. Lauren being the bottomless pit quickly took her up on it while the others were taking guesses on what the other two girl were doing. They continued their chatter for the next ten minutes when both girls came back through the doors. Dinah with a smug grin on her face and Normani looking slightly disheveled and walking wobbly down the aisle. Before anyone could say anything she promptly dismissed everyone from practice but warned them all that they would be back bright and early. No one dared to question it.


They party was in full swing with everyone dancing and properly inebriated. Dinah made sure to get Normani drunk enough that she didn't care the blonde was grinding on her in public. The brunette struggled at first but when Dinah pulled her in by the waist and whispered "who cares what they think" into her ear, she couldn't help but acquiesce to her girlfriends pleas and let her inebriated state take over.

Lauren was happily sitting on the side of the dance floor nursing her drink as she listened to the smattering of top 40 hits throughout the years, trying to think of songs that would go well with them. So far she had a good feeling about mashing up Lady Gaga and Metallica or "Pompeii" and "Payphone". She's found it a great distraction from the tantalizing smaller brunette swinging her hips around by herself unknowingly giving the brunette the perfect view. She knew getting over the girl was going to be hard, but she never expected anything like this. She was glad that Austin couldn't come to the party for whatever reason, probably something dumb but Lauren wasn't complaining.

Bea came over and was mumbling something the brunette couldn't understand, but she couldn't help but notice the odd looking bottle the girl was holding. She's pretty sure she's only seen brown bottles like that in chemistry lab, making her curious as to what Bea actually had in the bottle. The two sat there in silence for some time before Lauren looked over at the other girl who was sitting there with wide eyes. The girl always had big eyes, but right now they were really, really big. Bea spoke up still staring ahead, "You remember that experiment we talked about? The one about gravity and the roof of the science building?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"You sure you still don't want to do it?"

Lauren's eyes bugged out but she wasn't exactly protesting the idea. Bea continued, "I also still have that catapult set up. It's small but strong enough to project three hundred pounds around half a block or so." She finally turned to look at Lauren whose mouth was agape.

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