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Imagine for ViktoriaViktorova

'Pleaasee can we go to the beach today?' Rosie asked while eating her breakfast. Rosie is mine and Connors 4 year old daughter. She so adorable and has such a cheeky smile. 'Well we will have to ask daddy when he comes from downstairs' I replied. Rosie couldn't wait so she started running upstairs to Connor. Connor waited round the corner from the top of the stair case to scare her. When she got to the top of the stairs you heard her squeal. 'Ahhh, monster' She shouted as she ran down the stairs. Connor chased her through the living room and then into the dining room. Connor grabbed Rosie and lifted her into the air. 'Haha, I've got you' he shouted. Rosie and I started to laugh. Connor is so good with children, especially Rosie. He adores her calls her princess. 'Daddy, please can we go to the beach?' She asked with her cutest smile. 'Of course we can princess! It's a beautiful day' he replied.

The day was perfect, the sun was shining and I could feel the warm sand between my toes. We sat on the beach and watched the Punch and Judy show. It reminded me and Connor of our childhood. We wanted Rosie to experience the fun that we had as children. I could tell that she was enjoying herself, she couldn't stop smiling. 'They are funny mummy' She said to me with a big smile. 'I know' I replied laughing. I love watching her enjoy herself, it makes me so happy that she's happy.

After the show we walked along the beach and collected shells. 'Here's a good one' Connor said passing the shell to Rosie. She gently placed the shell near her ear. 'I can hear the sea' She said happily passing the shell back to Connor. 'Wow, that sounds beautiful' he said with a smile. 'Pleaaasee can we have some ice cream now?' She asked. 'Of course, lets go get some' I replied. 'I want the biggest one' Connor said laughing. 'No, I want the biggest one!' Rosie demanded. 'Well, I'm having it' Connor said jokingly. He grabbed Rosie from behind, lifted her into the air and put her on his shoulders. 'I love the beach' Rosie said happily. 'i love it too' I replied with a smile. 'me too. But do you know what I love more?.... You and mummy' Connor said softly.

Once we ate ice cream we walked back to the beach. We built sandcastles and had a picnic. We stayed on the beach to watch the sun set. Rosie was exhausted! She fell asleep on my lap. 'Aw bless her' Connor said looking at Rosie. 'I think she enjoyed today' I replied. 'Well, I really enjoyed today!' He replied with a smile. 'Me too' I replied. Connor moved closer to me and put his arm around me. 'I love you Vicky' he said softly. 'I love you too' I replied giving Connor a kiss.

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