Chapter 6

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When I had finished eating I was told to leave my plate on the table. I followed Malik out of the dinning room and up the stairs to Azreals office. We stopped outside two dark wooden doors. Malik knocked and then pushed the door open ushering me inside. He shut the door behind me leaving me alone with Azreal. He sat behind a large desk. His hands clasped on the desk.

"Have a seat." He said in a deep voice.

I refused to obey him so I stood at the door with my arms crossed over my chest. He sighed and stood his wolf not letting him be below anyone.

"Please take a seat." He said with clenched teeth.

"No. " I growled out at him.

"Take a seat or I will make you sit."

"Go ahead and try"

He was in front of me in a second my arm clasped in his hand. He dragged me over to the chairs and pushed me down into one.

"Sit. "

His wolf was out and I could see the rage in his eyes. I sighed and nodded. He grinned and walked around and sat behind his desk once again.

"I am going to be leaving for a few days. I have some Alpha duties to take care of."

My mind instantly started spinning thinking about all the opportunities I would have to escape now. I small smile crossed my lips knowing I would be free of him for a while.

"Don't smile like that kitten."

"Malik will be here to make sure you don't get into any trouble. And to make sure you won't be escaping again."

"You seriously think that troll will stop me from going anywhere?"

"Yes I do. And just in case he can't you will have a patrol all day and all night."

I groaned leaning back in the seat.

"Oh and it gets better my little mate."

"I'm not your mate." I said growling at him.

"When I return we will be bonded whether or not you want to be."  He said ignoring my jab.

"I will never bond to you." I seathed

"You will or I will make sure that every last person in your pack will be killed. Starting with that Alpha you seem to be attached to."

My blood drained from my face thinking about him attacking my pack. He had already taken so much from me. I wouldn't let him take anyone else.

"He will come for me and destroy you."
I growled at him.

"I look forward to that day."

He stands giving me an evil grin and the door opens behind me Malik stepping out.

"Please take her back to her rooms."

"We shall speak again when I return. Don't forget my warning kitten it might just be the last mistake you make. " he growls as I'm pulled from the room and dragged back up to my rooms.

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