That New Boy

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Today was the first day back after Summer. School, Homework, Teachers. No.
I'd rather be back at the beach or at a theme park.

"Lauren!" My mum calls up the stairs.
"I'm coming, I'm out of bed now." I moan.
"Your 16 and you can just get yourself out of bed at half past 7. Come on!" She says.

I grab my uniform and walk into my bathroom. I get dressed and put a bit of powder and mascara on.
I straighten my hair, and hairspray it.
Messy hair? It's gone messy, so I guess so.

I walk down the stairs, toothbrush in my mouth.
"Breakfast?" My mum asks, taking a bite of her toast.
"No thanks, I'll get something on the way to school" I lie, spitting out the toothpaste into the downstairs bathroom. I place my toothbrush into a cup, and grab my parka jacket.

"I'm going now." I say to my mum.
"Bye love, I'm back at 6 tonight, is that okay?" She says.
"Yeah, bye." I say shutting the door behind me.

8:03am my phone read and I began to the walk to school.
It was 10minutes to Lindsey's house, and then and 20 minute walk to school.
Today was going to be boring, I know it. No new faces, no jokes I haven't already heard the previous year.

I arrived to Lindsey's house quicker than I thought, and I knock on the door.
"Hey!" She says, opening the door.
"Hey!" I say walking into her living room.
She finishes off her hair, and grabs her phone.

"Wow, you get ready quicker than last year." I say giggling.
"Yup." She says shutting the door as we leave. "Have you heard about the new kid?"
"New kid?" I ask, wait, there's a new kid. Cool.
"Yeah, I think he's called Chandler. Chandler Riggs." Lindsey says.

We begin the walk to school, and after chatting and catching up with what we missed over the summer, we walk into the school doors.
It was 8:40am. School was starting in a minute, we were gonna walk into form late.
I quickly walk in with Lindsey and sit down, she sits opposite me in the table. Emily, who used to sit next to me, left last term, so I have an empty seat next to me.

My form teacher walks in, and is swiftly followed by a young boy, our age.
He has brown, ruffled hair, which was messy and looked Almost untouched as if slept in. He looked quite punk, unlike any other boys at this school. And if I was honest, I liked what I saw.
His skin was clear, and as I look a bit more, he had a lip piercing and several on his eyes, and one on his eyebrow.

He was fiddling with his lip piercing as he looked all over the class, I can see some of the girls acting all 'dumb and cute.' No thanks.

My form tutor shuts the door behind her and begins to speak.

"Class, this is Chandler. He's new. He will be in Group D for lessons all year. Now...where to sit..." She says, looking around for a spare chair until her eyes come across where I sat.

"Chandler, take a seat next to Lauren." She says, pointing at me.
He follows instructions, and sits next to me.

"I'm Chandler, what's your name beautiful?"

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