Chapter Five

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-Kendall's POV-

Jo and I were snuggle up on the couch when there was a knock on the door.

She groaned. "I got it." She got up from the couch and walked to the door. I decided to get something to drink, so I got up and walked to the kitchen. Sipping my drink, I could hear Jo's voice and another girl's voice, which sounded rather familiar. I decided to go see who it was.

"Jo, who's at the d-Lisa!?" My eyes widened.

"Surprise," she said, smiling nervously. I looked over at Jo and gulped as I saw she was glaring at her.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" I asked, and couldn't help but smile.

"You know, I'm on Spring Break and I missed LA, so yeah," she said, and I knew she wasn't telling the truth.

"Ah, I see." I nodded. "Why don't you come inside?" She smiled and I could see Jo roll her eyes. Lisa and her friend walked inside, and I shut the door. "So who's your friend?"

"Oh, right, sorry. This is my friend, Laura Williams," Lisa said, looking at her friend. I smiled and shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Laura."

"You too." She smiled a friendly smile and turned to Jo. "Nice to meet you too, Jo."


"Uh, Jo, how about you show Laura all of your trophies while Lisa and I catch up?" I suggested and she crossed her arms.

"Fine," she said, then came over and kissed me hard. She pulled out, smirked at Lisa, and lead Laura to the guest room where her awards were. Once I knew Jo was out of sight, I threw my arms around Lisa. She didn't hesitate to wrap hers around me, too. It felt good to be in her arms again after 5 years. I didn't wanna let go, but I knew I had to.

"I guess we could sit," I said, and Lisa and I sat on the couches. "So, what's the real reason you're here?"

"I'm on Spring Break!"

"Lisa, I know you're lying," I told her.

"I know." She sighed. "The reason I'm here is because I thought I'd feel better if I came and saw you. And I heard that you and Jo are engaged," she stated.

"Oh," I said. "Why do you think you'd feel better?"

"Because I-I just can't seem to get over you..."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said; I really didn't now what else to say.

"No, no, it's okay. I can see that you're happy with Jo." She forced a smile on her face, and I became a little sad. Truth be told, I'd rather propose to Lisa then Jo. But I can't; People would hate me.

"Yeah... So is there any special guy in your life?" It hurt to say, but I wanted to keep this conversation going.

"Nope." Lisa sighed. "Speaking of guys, how are James, Carlos, and Logan?" She asked.

"Oh, they're doing fine. They're trying to find their own place," I responded and she smiled.

"Gosh, I miss them... Hey, we should all go visit them! I miss Katie and I wanna introduce them to Laura," she said and I smiled.

"Sure!" Right when I said that, Laura and Jo walked into the room, and Laura looked completely bored.

"Hey, we're gonna go to apartment 2J," Lisa said, standing up. Jo groaned. "You don't have to come if you don't want to...," she told her.

"Okay, bye," my fiancee said. "And keep your paws off of Kendall."

"Will do, Barbie!" Lisa exclaimed smiling, and I held back my laugh. Jo scoffed and kissed me before walking down the hallway. "APARTMENT 2J, HERE WE COME." I laughed and Laura, Lisa, and I started making our way there.


I took the room key out of my pocket, and unlocked the door to apartment 2J. Laura, Lisa, and I walked inside, and I shut the door.

"Hello? Anybody home?" I called, sticking the key into my pocket.

"Wow, it still looks the same," Lisa said smiling, and looking around. "SWIRLY." She ran up the ladder to the slide, and I laughed. 

"Dude, I wanna do that too!" Laura exclaimed, climbing up the ladder too. They went down the slide and came out laughing.

"Hey, big brother," Katie said, walking into the room. Lisa looked at her and a big grin came across her face.

"Hi, Katie!" She said, waving.

"Um, who are you?" Katie asked, scrunching her eyebrows.

"Oh, jeez. I can't believe you don't even recognize your old best friend," Lisa said, and Katie's eyes widened.

"LISA?" Lisa smiled and nodded, and Katie came running into her arms. They hugged and I smiled. "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you; It's been 5 years!"

"It's okay." Then, Logan, James, and Carlos walked in.

"Hey, Ken- Who are these two lovely ladies?" James said, smiling at Lisa and Laura.

"Uh, well, one of of those lovely ladies is my ex-girlfriend," I said, rolling my eyes.

"... Lisa!?" Logan exclaimed, and she laughed and nodded as he wrapped his arms around her.

"LISA!" Carlos exclaimed, wrapping his arms around her back side.

"No way!" James smiled, hugging her side.

"Hey, guys!" Lisa said, laughing. They all pulled away. "This is my friend, Laura."

"Hi," she said waving, smiling at Logan. He smiled back.

"What are you doing back here in LA?" Katie asked Lisa.

"Well, I heard Kendall and Jo were engaged," she replied, and Katie glared at me.

"Oh," she said, and I looked down at the floor.

"Yeah..," Lisa said.

"How about we watch some movies?" Logan suggested, and everyone nodded. We all sat on the couch after getting some snacks, and picking out the movie.

I looked over at Lisa as she sat between Katie and Laura. She looked so happy and sad at the same time; Happy because she was back with her old friends, but sad because of Jo being my fiancee. I really gotta think all of this through. I might be changing my mind...


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