his realization

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They bring back those old days. And they're become more closer to each other , talked about life ,dreams and about hearts.

One thing Edward notice he's happy to be with her.

Kisses realize he likes him.

Yong admitted he love her.

May May's struggling , what to do, whom to choose?

Edward : Maymay, is there a problem?

Marydale : wala ,may iniisip lang ako.

Edward : is it OK if you share it to me?

Marydale : it's nothing really .Don't worry about it. Hey there's kisses, look at her ,she's pretty right ?

Edward : she's is ? Why ?

Marydale : if may chance , liligawan mo ba siya?

Edward : ha ?

Marydale : I mean...no...ok I want to tell you something and I trusted you coz your our friend,right?

Edward : right ? What is it ?

Marydale : I love all of you as my childhood and closest friends, and Kisses was like a sister to me...in short,whatever that can make her happy, I'll give to her or I'll find ways just her to be happy.

Edward : what do you mean ?

Marydale : Kisses loves you...

Edward : what ?

Marydale : it's true. Now,I want to tell you,please make her happy .

Edward : but I don't. ...

Marydale : please

Edward : Maymay !

Marydale : gusto ko maging masaya kayong dalawa . Bye Edward

Edward : May wait

But Maymay didn't turned back.

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