Chapter 57

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3 weeks later...

Her heels echoed through the corridor as she commanded everyone's attention. It had taken a few days, but she very quickly returned to her old ways, everyone fearing the very sound of her being in the hospital. Sam had quickly seen the glimmer return to her eye that had always been there when she was in her element.

Although they hadn't spoken about what they were, the time he spent with Connie outside the hospital hadn't changed at all. More often than not, he was keeping her company or as she said 'distracting' her from the paperwork she needed to be doing. Although he had noticed the reservations she held at being close to him.

Sam understood it would take time, and he knew she was becoming comfortable again but he could tell that something within her had changed this last week. They hadn't spent an evening together since Greg left, and as much as Sam craved to be with her he wanted her to be happy. His head lifted as he heard her voice complaining at the lack of work being completed. Nothing new there.

Connie rolled her eyes turning away from the doctors she had just been with only to see Sam smirking from reception. "And don't think you're off the hook, you are far from perfect Mr Strachan." His eyes followed her across the department until she was out of sight, but he didn't miss her glancing back over her shoulder to see him watching her.

Smirking to herself she continued into her office where Elliot was sitting at his desk. "Ah Connie-" "Elliot. Something I can do for you?" He shook his head smiling as she sat down behind her desk. "You seem... Different?" "Normal you mean." He nodded as she smiled across at him before pulling a folder in front of her. "Lets just blame the last few weeks on the hormones shall we?" He nodded with a smile noticing her full attention on the paperwork she was beginning to flick through.

He was fully aware that she was yet to make an appointment with maternity, but he didn't want to push her. "Have you urm-" "What? Had a scan yet? No." He nodded, his suspicions confirmed. "But I'm due up there at the end of the week." She looked up in time to see his smile and she relaxed. "Look, I just needed some time to get my head round the idea. Me being maternal isn't exactly the first characteristic I could think of when describing myself." "Did you ever think you would be Holby's finest cardiotherasic surgeon?"

Rolling her eyes he laughed with a nod. "Okay, maybe you did after a while of working here... But we don't always know what will happen until it does." "Elliot I don't need a pep talk, I'm pregnant not incompetent." She got up leaving the office as he smiled seeing the old Connie returning piece by piece.

"Mr Strachan, if I didn't know any better I'd think you were following me and not doing any work." He fell into step with her as she turned on him, a hand placed to her hip and a raised brow. "You're driving me insane today, I hope you realise that-" "Maybe if you did some work, I wouldn't have to constantly remind you of your job." Turning away she made it to the end of the corridor before Sam was behind her pushing her to one side into the room beside them.

Shutting the door hastily he turned to her seeing the angered expression on her face. "Sam!?" His hands found her waist as he pushed her back against the opposing wall, his lips coming down onto hers quickly. She held onto either side of his collar as she responded to him, his hands wandering to her thighs pressing against her bare skin.

Looping an arm around his neck Sam pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss, his chest pressed tightly to hers. Falling desperately to one side, Connie's hand found the cool metal of the shelves beside them before Sam lifted her up. Her legs wound around his waist as his hands pressed against her legs. Connie broke from his lips as he lowered his lips to her neck. "This is against every book-" "Screw the books."

She rolled her head back against the wall before his lips found hers again. He moved his hands up her body as she let her legs fall to the ground again. Pushing her hands against his chest she moved away from the wall until his back pressed to the door. Her hand moved to reach for the lock, turning it quickly feeling his hands undoing the buttons of her blouse.

He ran his hands over her shoulders pushing the silk material from her skin. His eyes flickered over her bare top half, the lace material contrasting against her porcelain skin. Holding onto the tie round his neck, she wandered backwards stumbling as she went. Sam held onto her waist keeping her upright as they moved back across the room towards the bed. Discarding the material, she lowered her hands to his shirt undoing it hastily as he moved back to sit down.

Connie's hands were cold against his chest as he slipped out of his shirt, his hands soon finding her waist once more as he lifted her to straddle his waist. He trailed his hand up her spine and into her hair as she pressed herself to him. Parting from his lips, she lingered above him with a sly smile on her face. Sam saw the look within her eyes and read her thoughts. Before she was able to pull herself away, he moved her beneath him, his hands holding hers down to the rather uncomfortable mattress.

"You are not doing all of this to walk out on me Beauchamp, rules or not-" "I was more thinking I didn't want to have sex with you for the first time in weeks in a side room of my department." He smirked lacing his fingers through hers as he looked down at her flushed face beneath her. "So... I guess you best find a reason for us to leave." "I guess you best find a way to finish your shift, and then maybe I'll consider letting you stay the night."

Sam laughed before her lips were against his again, catching him off guard. Connie sat forwards until she was standing between his legs, reaching for her blouse that lay at the end of the bed. Pulling her arms into the material she broke away from him buttoning it up, her tongue pushed to her cheek. "Con-" "Work Mr Strachan..." "You're unbelievable-" "And it's Mrs Beauchamp." Having glanced at her appearance while speaking, she turned and disappeared from the room leaving Sam laughing to himself. She was certainly back to herself again, that was for sure.

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