Chapter 4

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Sam had his eyes closed. It was one of the few rare moments he could almost rest; his mind wasn't haunted by the visions. But the moment he heard the low creak of the door, he was alert. In the dark, he watched the familiar face coming inside the room and relaxed his fist. "Nothing," Sam said before Nate could ask.

"Damn," the Priest murmured, covering his face.

Sam couldn't help but chuckle. Guess that's the closest he can of swearing... even after everything, the young man thought. "I think someone took it."

The Priest scowled and ran a hand over his exhausted face. "Who... would be crazy enough want that... that blasphemy?"

Sam scoffed. "We," he answered curtly. The Priest stared him as the silence between the two men became awkward. "I'll find it."

Nate opened his mouth, but then closed it, along with his eyes. He took a deep breath and handed the usual plastic bag with milk and a bread before leaving Sam alone in the room.

Sam rested his back on the wall opposite to the door again and took a bite from the bread. Though it was fresh, it tastes worse than bland; he couldn't feel any taste from it. All my other senses enhanced, but my palate is gone now... It's that thing from movies, right? You lose one sense and the others get stronger, he thought and let out a weak laugh.

If all I had to sacrifice were my taste buds for this power... If I didn't have to lose mom and dad... If Mirela was still alive... Before Sam noticed, warm tears came down his cheeks. He brought his hand closer to his face and felt it with a finger. If I can still cry, it means I'm still human... if barely. The thought made him cry more.

Why did it have to be me? Sam asked himself as he hugged his head. Why did I have to lose everything? Why did I turn into this monster? To save this city? To save those fuckers who want me dead? I should've let them die!

Images of what happened at the park happening in the entire city filled his head. He amused himself as the sea of fire spread across the city and the screams filled his ears. But then the images changed. Now Sam saw in his mind the people he knew his entire life covered in blood. He saw his friends from the gym and school dead; he saw the old couple who ran the market his mother went staring him with empty expression; he saw Thiago reaching out a hand to him before a white light chopped his head; he saw his sister crying over their parents' bodies.

No! Sam screamed in his heart and shook his head to make the images go away. The images were gone, but his body trembled. Why it had to be me? Suddenly the face of the Priest appeared in his mind. He was the one who gave me the blood. He was the one who made me like this. It was his fault... Sam felt the blood boiling, his insides turning over as the rage fill him. But as soon as it appeared, the anger left him. No... I did this to myself... I drank the blood because I wanted revenge...

Nate had told him how he got the blood. A white version of me appeared out of thin air and said a bunch of crap about the one able to see those guys... That's a load of crap. Anyone would be an idiot to believe it. But even so, Sam felt no need to doubt the Priest. Thiago couldn't see them either. No one could there could... no one but me...

Then why me? Why I was the only one who could? I'm the chosen one? I always hated that crap in movies. Who the fuck goes around choosing people at random? God? The thought made a low and hollow laugh escape his lips. If it was, He will have to beg my forgiveness.

"Sam?" a faint and familiar voice reached his ears.

The young man looked up. Nate stared at him. I didn't even hear him. The idea made him wary. Something's wrong. Even in the dark, Sam could tell the Priest held his breath and sweated. He looked down and realized the reason. My hands... Instead of fingers, he had claws covered in fur. Even though I'm not using the blood... I don't have much time, he realized, closing his hands slowly. I need to find it today.

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