Tiny Klaine Stories: what happened in the dorm room

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What Happened In The Dorm Room

*Kurt's P.O.V*

I had always dreamed of being roommates with Blaine but we couldn't share a room. I mean, Dalton may have a zero tolerance policy & all but when it comes to gay guys sharing a room they totally disagree with it.

So since when I moved to Dalton to the very last day he shared a room with the Asian Warbler: Wes & I shared one with the black Warbler: David.

One of our cutest -& gotta say hottest- memories in Dalton, happened in the night when storm was flowing around the area & no one could leave the building.

I can recall the night like it happened yesterday:

It was a Friday evening -after warbler practice- & all the warblers were talking about their weekend plans. So were Jeff, Nick & I while standing in the middle of the choir room.

_:"So my cousin gave birth to a lovely girl & we have to go out of town to visit them." I explained happily:"I gotta admit that I fell in love with that tiny creature right after I saw her picture!!"

_:"Are you going to feed her a bottle of milk?" Asked Jeff clapping his hands excitedly.

_:"Uhm... Not sure about that... But I'd love to!!"

_:"Awww, Kurt, you'll make a very kind daddy!!" Said Jeff:"And so will Nick & I!!" He looked at Nick lovingly & he smiled at him fondly.

_:"I'm sure he will!" Said Blaine from behind & soon two arms were wrapped around my waist & he kissed my neck smoothly. I blushed slightly & turned in his arms to face him.

_:"We both will!" I replied & wrapped my arms around his neck.

We were so caught up in our cute moment, both thinking about the future, that we almost jumped when:"STOOOOORM!!!" Shouted Trent pacing out of the room.

Soon some others were talking loudly about how dangerous it could be and those. We let go of each other & went to the window. Nothing could be seen but we could hear the sound of tiny stones hitting the glass. It was definitely a strong storm.

_:"WARBLERS, WARBLERS!!" Wes banged his gavel & we all turned to him.

He was holding his phone:"I checked the news online & it says that this storm isn't going to end anytime soon. It looks like we are trapped here for the weekend."

Now everyone including myself were complaining.

_:"Oh no!!! No, no, no!! This can't be happening!!" I said, stepping back a little:"I have to go to lime!! We wanna meet my cousin's daughter!! I have to go!!"

_:"I'm sorry Kurt but this is what it is & we can't change it." Replied Blaine in a calm voice.

_:"But I don't wanna spend my weekend in the dorm!!" Everyone nodded in agreement.

_:"It can be better than you think!" Spoke David out of the corner of the room:"I mean we can play some games & sleep late in the morning & then again play games all day!"

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