Chapter 11

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Hawkes left Lorell to see to Emerald, once the bare basics were done. He didn't want to interfere too much, even though Emerald was his friend and he wanted to help take care of her. However, he knew fine well that he wasn't needed, especially since the doctor had arrived in the house already. Hawkes was fully prepared to take on his new responsibilities, so he headed straight down to the armory that Lorell had put together. He walked in, closed the door behind him and flicked the switch for the overhead light. He didn't want anyone getting in the way, or finding out what he was up to before his time, but he needed time to think too.

He had his suspicions about which two gang members he had fought with, and had attacked Emerald. From the feel of their punches and their calculated attack, as well as the fact that they had known where and when Emerald would be returning home. It all told him that he only had three or four suspects to choose from.

Hawkes knew that it was a dirty job, but it was technically for the best. All of his suspects were hardcore members who didn't like the new leadership. Lorell was less heavy handed and violent than their previous, now deceased, leader and that didn't sit well with a lot of the old boys of the crew. But there wasn't much they could do about it. Tradition in the crew said that the old leader chose his successor after his first year of leadership. Lorell had a good few months before he had to choose his own successor. Hawkes was going to try and do everything he could to make sure that his name was at least put forward, even if he wasn't chosen.

To make it an even more bearable job, Hawkes knew for a fact that the four people he suspected of attacking Emerald, had done everything from murder and drug dealing to domestic abuse. The Crazy 15s no long accepted those acts of violence, as Lorell considered drug dealing to be an offshoot of active participation in either the death or demise of a person's soul. It was no wonder that he didn't care how they died, along as they were dealt with.

Hawkes had the reassurance that Murray had told him to take every opportunity available to him, to get what justice he could for victims of the gang members. Crazy 15s were never taken to court because no-one ever had enough evidence to get that far. He knew fine well that killing them, in repayment for Emerald's attack was about as good a justice as they were ever going to face. He figured he was at least exchanging the lives of the two men who had attacked Emerald, for the dozens of lives he would save or protect in the process.

Hawkes surveyed the guns and knifes on display, giving them a good look over and trying a few out. Some felt far too heavy and unfamiliar, while some looked a bit too ostentatious to be carrying into the headquarters living room. The boys would know what was going on the minute they saw him. He wanted something small and handy, something comfortable and easy to handle. He wasn't particularly prolific at shooting, but he was a good enough shot to get the job done without making himself look like an idiot. He decided that while he had the privacy, he would also call Murray, quickly, to make sure that what he was doing was right.

"Murray...I've got a problem. Two Crazy 15s just beat the crap out of me and Emerald, trying to kill her, I think. I never got to see their faces, but as soon as they show up, I'll know." Hawkes began as soon as Murray answered his phone. It was late, so he had called his mobile automatically, thankful that he answered. He wasn't really prepared to say the words, but he didn't have much of a choice. "Lorell's asked me to take care of it. I'm supposed to kill them to send them a message that they have to get through me and Lorell to get to Emerald again." He explained, nervous about what Murray was going to say about him getting himself into so much trouble so quickly.

"I suppose it's for the best. I will certainly save many more lives than you're going to take. Go ahead with it if you're willing and if you can live with it." Murray gave his permission.

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