Chapter 3

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Since Dicken didn't have to go to school with the rest of the kids, he started spending an awful lot of time at the museum with Reyes and Reed. Or at home, talking over his options with both men. He didn't want to make the wrong choice, but he didn't want to rush into one either. He had even offered to get a job, so that he wasn't just lounging around the house all the time. But to that Reed had only frowned and then informed him that he had a job. He was to be at home for the kids finishing school, help them with their homework and be a good brother. That was all anyone needed of him at the moment, and Dicken had to admit, that he liked the job. He just felt like he could be doing more. He had even offered to work at the museum for free, to help clean up the messes that Wayland had made, but they were adamant.

"All you need to do is think. Weight up your options. Do you want a job, do you want to go to college, or do you want to go work at the agency?" Reyes reminded him forcefully, uninterested in hearing more arguments or complaints that he should be bringing home a wage. Their lives were sorted financially, thanks to his many years in the agency and a healthy pension. He barely needed to work at all, but he did it because he enjoyed it and needed to keep busy.

"How can I decide if I want to work at the agency when I can't find out anything about it?" Dicken complained in a groan as he leaned back against the cabinet behind him. It was full of paperwork and books and reference materials so he knew he couldn't break anything. They were in Reed's office, with both men going over accounts and paperwork that Wayland had got his grubby hands on. So he didn't see what he'd done or said that made Reed look up at him in that curious, slightly angry way.

"Wait a want to work at the agency?" This was news to Reed, who turned his glare onto Reyes, who just shrugged and continued reading.

"He's curious about it and he has some talent for it." He confessed. When he turned his eyes back to the kid, his frown dissolved into a smile at the way Dicken flushed and looked confused by the compliment.

"You should have told me sooner. If you want to know about the agency then ask." Reed encouraged him, abandoning his paperwork to sit up straight, as if ready to be interrogated. Dicken blinked and then turned to glance at his dad, wondering if this was some sort of joke or not. He would love to get the chance to quiz Reed on agency life.

"Reed." Reyes just said his name, in warning. So Dicken didn't bother.

"No, I'm serious. I can get Murray round to the house. Ayah's dying to have him round for dinner, and you can ask him anything you like." He explained happily, intriguing Dicken. He knew fine well that Murray was the leader of the group that his dad and Reed used to be in together. If anyone had the answers he wanted, it would be him. And although he knew he shouldn't think it, he began wondering if Murray would tell him anything if he asked if Reggie was still alive. He had to know.

"Really? Dad?" Dicken didn't want to sound too hopeful so he kept his eyes on his dad, who was still staring at Reed as if he was a bomb waiting to explore. But eventually, he nodded and turned to smile at Dicken.

"Fine. If you want to meet him, you can." He agreed. It was such great news, he was speechless.

"I've got Griffin coming over for dinner soon, to meet Amita. One of Ayah's attempts at matchmaking and he's just joined Area 12. How about you and Dicken come along and I'll invited Murray too? We'll pretend it's something to do with Griffin, and boom, three problems sorted at once." Reed realized that everything would work out even better than planned. Not only would Griffin and Amita meet, giving both the chance at a real relationship but Ayah would get her dinner with Murray, and Dicken would get all the answers he wanted. Either out of Murray, or out of Reed.

"Ayah wants to corner Murray and question him. I told her he wasn't likely to come, but if I make it appear to be about work, he will. Then you and Ayah can quiz him together." He admitted, letting Dicken in on his plan to capture Murray and finally get him to talk civilly about something.

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