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''Mm, stay

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''Mm, stay.''

He let's out a raspy chuckle. ''Baby, I can't and you know I can't.''

Devin had laid on her side with one hand his chest and one leg over his body. Jeff, however, was laying on his back with one arm around Devin's shoulder, hugging her close to him while his other arm draped over her leg, his fingertips grazing the exposed skin on her thigh.

She pushes her bottom lip out into a pout. He shakes his head at her and pecks her lips with a chaste kiss.

He gives the back of her thigh a tight squeeze when saying, ''You'll be okay.''

Jeff pulls her leg off of him when climbing over her and off of the bed.

She groans while he was on his way out of the room.

''Morning, Mrs. Greene,'' She heard Jeff's voice echo from the hallway.

''Morning, Jeff,'' Her mother greets back. ''You're heading home today?''

''Yeah, I am, actually.''

She could hear her mother snicker. ''Let me guess, she tried making you stay?''

''You better choose your words carefully!'' Devin yells out to the two.

Chuckling, he tells Alyssa Greene, ''I gotta get ready.''

Devin cranes her head to the side when she hears her door opening, finding just at the corner of her eye, her mother walking in.

''Is that the guy?''

''The guy?'' She questions with furrowed brows.

''The guy Matthew never shuts up about.''

Letting a small harmony of giggles, Devin pushes herself up and crosses her legs over another on the bed when turning to face her.

Her light hue of brown eyes focused on her mother and her physique that was taking a seat next to her.

''So,'' Alyssa waves her hands around with her a smirk playing at her lips. ''Tell me. How did this happen?''

The peek of her tongue was shown when licking both her top and bottom lip before speaking. ''With a bet.''

Alyssa jerked her head to the side, her smirk no longer visible and her brows now furrowed.

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