= Chapter 10 =

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" Love assures us that we'll never be alone..."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Sitting on the swing at the nearby playground, I twiddled my pencil around my finger, wrecking my brain to find a tune for my new song. My progress so far has been as much of a failure as my job.

It's been a week of school and till now, I still haven't found a job

And a life.

Mum found out that I skipped school with Dante since I didn't come back with job documents on that day— I had to tell her the truth.

Well, being grounded for three days wasn't that bad since every night Dante would sneak into my room to hang out with me.

I must admit that we got closer and my crush on him might have....increased? I wasn't that sure. My life has been quite a wreck for the first week of school, so I had other more important things to worry about.

Especially with Emily watching me like hawk, making sure I stay a distance away from her beloved Jeremy. Honestly, she has nothing to worry about cause I gladly will keep away from him. I can't even stand being in the same room as him.

In order to get away from my problems, I have been indulging myself in new songs as I really wanted to get into Yale. To do so, I had to come up with a piece of my own.

You're such a puss, always running away from your problems.

I swear I would have punched that voice in my head by now, but it always seems to be right

I'm a hopeless case.

"I guess we meet again, Skylar?"

Looking away from my notebook, my eyes came upon...Mateo—The tiny devil who had the potential to be a player in the future. (Dante's younger brother).

Behind him stood two of his other friends who smirked at me.

"What do you want short stack of pancakes? " My eyes went back onto my notebook.

Placing his palm on his heart, he pouted.

"A kiss would be nice?" His friends snickered.

"Oh my god, Mateo you'll be the coolest guy at school if that happens!!" One of his friends commented.

"I'm already the cooolest, Brian. She's my girlfriend anyway." Mateo commented.

Brian's jaw dropped.

So did mine.

Taking a deep breath, I looked at Mateo who gave me pleading eyes.

Why is he giving me that look?

"Mateo, can I talk to you at the side...in private?" I asked in a sickly sweet tone.

"She's definitely gonna kiss him, Miles!!" Brian whispered to Mateo's other friend– Miles.

Mateo walked over to me with a grin, but as soon as he came over to me, his joyful expression dropped.

Why is he like this?

"Mateo, why the hell did you say I'm your girlfriend?" I questioned.

"I-I'm sorry....I just...never mind" he sighed before turning away but I pulled him back by his wrist.

"Is something wrong Mateo?" Concern laced in my voice.

He looked up towards me, his eyes brimming with tears.

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